Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jim-Jim's Birthday Bash

We celebrated Jim-Jim's
65th Birthday by throwing him
a golf themed party.
Ryah and Emery partying it up.
"Who's your caddy"
haha, fun decorations for the party.
Before the guests arrive.
Loved the colors
and decor.
All for our favorite Dad turning 65.
"club" sandwiches.
Us with the Birthday Boy.
We had lots of great food.
Jim enjoying his peach cobbler.
He is ALWAYS cold.
Literally he sat with the space heater on
him the WHOLE time he ate.
We all were sweating.
Present time.
The only thing he wanted was a
apron. He is so funny. We got him that
and an automatic candy dispenser.
All the kids loved it too.
We had planned a birthday party for my Dad last year but after he had been in the hospital for 13 days we decided it was too much. And even though he had been in the hospital this year too he is doing so good, so it was party on. The golf themed party was fun, we did a sandwich bar, veggie tray and of course my cheese dip. Peach cobbler for dessert in everyone's own little trifle bowl. We love you so much Dad! So glad you are still with us. Here is to many more Birthdays to come! LOVE YOU!!

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The Christensen said...

Everything turned out so cute! You are the best party planner around. We almost got Jason's dad one of the candy dispensers.