Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hockey and Happy Bday

To celebrate Joe's Birthday we all went to
dinner at Pei Wei then a Grizzly hockey game.
The kiddos thinking they are big
stuff with their own table.
Have you ever been?
It is owned by PF Changs, so lettuce wraps
and all the good stuff.
Hockey time!
The Christensens.
Kids dancing to the music
{sorry kids you have to have mad skillls
like Aunt Ashley to get on the jumbo tron...TWICE!}
Crew loved Grizbee!
All the kids did, but Crew especially loved him
Emery freaked when he came around.
Grizbee gave us LOTS of attention.
Doesn't hurt that I personally know him.
Ummmmm, ya, Grizbee signed my face.
Why did Crew get an awesome hockey puck
and I got my forehead tagged.
Ellie being silly.
Happy Birthday Joe!!!
The whole group.
After I got Joe on board for hockey
{who knew I had to twist his arm}
we had such a fun time going to dinner and hockey.
We have hockey connections for awesome seats and extra Grizbee time,
which makes the game really fun.
The kids loved the snacks, dancing, running around,
and I am pretty sure the hockey too.

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