Sunday, January 22, 2012

18 month stats

My sweet baby girl is growing
up so fast!
Waiting for the Dr. to come in.
She absolutely lost it when they just
measured her head and we hadn't even
gotten to shots yet.
Poor thing.
{19 months at her appt}
Emery at her 18 month check up appointment.
Weight: 24.91 lbs, 51.93%
Length: 33.5 inches, 86.06%
Head: 18.5 inches, 57%
Emery's growth is right on track. She is still a tall girl.
She may even be a little taller, but she REALLY did
not want to cooperate while the nurse was taking all
of her measurements. My baby is growing up way too fast!
She is VERY opinionated, silly, funny and a little cuddler.
She says several words, but manages to get everything
she wants my guiding you and pointing.
She is a night owl, {she did NOT get that from me}
but a very good sleeper, and will sleep in too, but
she goes and goes until her head hits the bed.
We are so lucky to have our little Emery!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hockey and Happy Bday

To celebrate Joe's Birthday we all went to
dinner at Pei Wei then a Grizzly hockey game.
The kiddos thinking they are big
stuff with their own table.
Have you ever been?
It is owned by PF Changs, so lettuce wraps
and all the good stuff.
Hockey time!
The Christensens.
Kids dancing to the music
{sorry kids you have to have mad skillls
like Aunt Ashley to get on the jumbo tron...TWICE!}
Crew loved Grizbee!
All the kids did, but Crew especially loved him
Emery freaked when he came around.
Grizbee gave us LOTS of attention.
Doesn't hurt that I personally know him.
Ummmmm, ya, Grizbee signed my face.
Why did Crew get an awesome hockey puck
and I got my forehead tagged.
Ellie being silly.
Happy Birthday Joe!!!
The whole group.
After I got Joe on board for hockey
{who knew I had to twist his arm}
we had such a fun time going to dinner and hockey.
We have hockey connections for awesome seats and extra Grizbee time,
which makes the game really fun.
The kids loved the snacks, dancing, running around,
and I am pretty sure the hockey too.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jim-Jim's Birthday Bash

We celebrated Jim-Jim's
65th Birthday by throwing him
a golf themed party.
Ryah and Emery partying it up.
"Who's your caddy"
haha, fun decorations for the party.
Before the guests arrive.
Loved the colors
and decor.
All for our favorite Dad turning 65.
"club" sandwiches.
Us with the Birthday Boy.
We had lots of great food.
Jim enjoying his peach cobbler.
He is ALWAYS cold.
Literally he sat with the space heater on
him the WHOLE time he ate.
We all were sweating.
Present time.
The only thing he wanted was a
apron. He is so funny. We got him that
and an automatic candy dispenser.
All the kids loved it too.
We had planned a birthday party for my Dad last year but after he had been in the hospital for 13 days we decided it was too much. And even though he had been in the hospital this year too he is doing so good, so it was party on. The golf themed party was fun, we did a sandwich bar, veggie tray and of course my cheese dip. Peach cobbler for dessert in everyone's own little trifle bowl. We love you so much Dad! So glad you are still with us. Here is to many more Birthdays to come! LOVE YOU!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project golf party

Purely out of being sick of seeing Christmas
I am posting something new
to freshen the page up.
This Friday Jan 13th
My Dad turns 65.
Birthday subway art
Last year Katelyn and I had planned a
whole golf themed Bday party,
but since Jim-Jim was in ICU
for 13 days over Christmas we held off
with the party.
And then since he was in again this
year just before Christmas I think
we really need to celebrate his big
We will be celebrating the best Dad on the planet,
and the fact that he is still with us!! We have had
some real scares with him lately.
So we really need to party it up this year.
So a golf themed party is on the agenda.
Love you Dad!
And quit scaring us!!!