Friday, December 2, 2011

Decking the halls.

The house is decorated,
trees are up and advent calendars started.
Bring on Christmas!
Every year I can't wait to start decorating the tree,
then we start and I remember what a chore it is.
But when it is all up and lit it is just so magical,
I forget about all the work that went into putting it up.
Ellie helping decorate the girls'
own pink and purple tree.
Dad helped too.
Next onto the big tree.
Emery loved helping put the ornaments on.
Our first year decorating the
tree in red and green.
The tree looks so festive.
I am loving the red and green.
The girls got tired of helping and left
Jeremy and I to do it all.
That night Mrs. Peeps was delivered
by Santa at our doorstep.
She was addressed to the girls from the North Pole.
Ellie gathering her up.
The girls were very excited
to see what Mrs. Peeps was all about.
We read her letter she had brought.
It told them she will sit very quietly all day and watch
them "being good" then report to Santa.
She will move only at night, and no one can touch
her or she looses her magic.
Emery really wanted to touch her.
I mean really wanted to touch her.
She perched here for the first night.
Mrs. Peeps has found many fun places
to sit every night.
We put our tree up a little later this year, we usually have it up before Thanksgiving, and I was itching to get it up. I love walking downstairs at night and having just the tree lights on, the ornaments sparkling makes it feel so magical. The girls were really excited. Elliette actually understands Christmas this year, and Emery was just excited over pulling out lots of boxes full of shiny things in them. Sh,e of course, thought the ornaments were balls and threw a few across the room. They had fun helping for the first bit, but then decided it was boring and found more fun things to do. I am really excited this year, Ellie is understanding and everything is magical to her. Including our new visitor Mrs. Peeps. She is a little cautious every morning when we walk downstairs until we find her, but once she does she likes to see all the funny places Mrs. Peeps has shown up. She really hopes Mrs. Peeps tells Santa how much she is helping around the house. She also makes sure Emery doesn't touch her. We are having fun making new
Christmas traditions with the girls. We have a few in mind for the next coming weeks.
Tree is up, house decorated, elf visiting, sat on Santa's lap at the mall and presents bought.
Now we can just relax and enjoy the holiday.

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