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{I apologize for the super long post,
but you know me I take lots of pictures.
And my first time going to Hawaii}
This is for Donna!
{these beach pictures are out of order but
they were taken on a different camera}
Relaxing on Waikiki Beach.
The girls discovering something in the sand.
awwwww too cute!
The girls were super good the whole trip.
Just a beautiful day on the beach in December.
The weather was AMAZING!
I think it was around 80 to 82 degrees the whole trip.
This is about what Emery did at the beach,ate!
She did warm up to the water,
but mainly wanted to sit and eat.
This was our 2nd beach day.
We took fruit and snacks and spent a while
just soaking up the sun.
Thumbs up for being in the ocean in December.
This is the time when some Asians stopped
to take Emery's picture. They couldn't get over
her having on two sunglasses.
{yes, eating again!}
Our first day at the beach.
It was so warm, we all came home with tan lines.
Jer and the girls.
Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head behind us.
My beach beauty!
Ellie was a little fish in the ocean.
She loved it!
It was a little brisk when you first got in,
but you got used to it.
{Now to the real time line of the trip}
Yup, I am crazy! Traveling on a 6 hour flight
by myself with the girls. But due to flights filling up
on Monday I had to go Sunday with the girls and Jer
met us in Hawaii on Monday.
The girls were excellent, the flight is LOOOONG!
We made it!
We arrived in Honolulu at around 4 pm.
I was so excited! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii.
Now just to catch the shuttle and check into the hotel.
{we had a private shuttle which I highly recommend
if you ever go I'll give you the info.}
Literally the shopping was right next to our hotel.
We dropped off our bags, changed out of our Utah winter
clothes for shorts and hit the streets.
Ellie getting a flower put in her hair.
She got that shopping thing down quick!
Our first day and Ellie left with a coconut purse,
a bracelet, flower and necklace.
I didn't know the area real well so we hit up
McDonalds for dinner, but they give you fresh
pineapple with your meal. It was awesome!
We found our favorite little place to eat
it was in the grocery store Food Pantry.
It was called HISteaks, we ate there 3 times.
They do a steak plate that was amazing for
$7.99. We also got these Mochi ice cream things.
Ice cream wrapped in a rice. They were good!
We bought fresh fruit in the grocery store
and sat and ate it there.
{I was surprised at the prices in Hawaii, I thought
things would be crazy expensive. Gas was a little
less than $4 a gallon, I thought it would be around $6.
A gallon of milk was $5, sunscreen was the same price
as here. Some of our meals were really cheap.
The most expensive things were diapers!
They were $16.99 for a small pack, crazy!
I should have packed enough for the whole trip}
Jeremy was set to land at Noon on Monday,
so we were up EARLY {with the time change
we were all up by 5:30 am}
So we set out for some exploring and more shopping.
We were on the streets before 9 am.
We got lots of "opening specials" from the local vendors.
The International Market Place.
It was steps from our hotel.
This was so fun to go shopping in,
we spent hours here.
Ellie by a surf board,
hang loose!
A view from our hotel.
So tropical everywhere we went.
The girls were exhausted from a long day.
YEAH!!! Daddy finally made it!
He did the same as us, changed into shorts and we hit the
streets. I was excited to show him what we had already
discovered in our short time there.
So pretty in here.
This was the first time seeing the beach
since we landed.
We walked down the to beach to look
we were "going to the beach" the next day.
Have I mentioned how perfect the weather was?!?
Waikiki Beach
Beautiful down here!
When I got to the hotel directly across from us was
this Udon Noodle place. It had lines from the time
it opened until closed. So we ate dinner at it Monday night.
Marukame Udon
One of our noodle selections.
You also choose what tempora you want.
It was super yummy!
It reminded me of a Cafe Rio, they are fresh making the
noodles in front of you. Then you just go down the line
and tell them what you want.
Eme loving her noodles too.
Ellie thought it was cool to use chopsticks.
Our hotel room had two balconies in it,
the girls loved being out on them.
Ready to go to the beach!
Our view one way you saw the streets of the city,
the other way you could see a glimpse of the ocean.
We were 2 blocks from the beach.
The hotel was the PERFECT location.
My little Hawaiian baby!
Wednesday we rented a car and hit up the Dole Pineapple Plantation.
We ate TONS of pineapple the whole trip, it was heavenly!
You have to get a Dole Whip when here,
so we did with fresh pineapple topping.
And a bowl of pineapple for later.
Everyone loved the ice cream.
It was kind of misting while we were here so
we went inside to let it pass.
Even in the "rain" more of a mist, it was still nice outside.
Pineapple gumballs
{I love the girls' Hawaiian dresses}
Look how cute!
Baby pineapples, they were so cute and tiny!
The colors here were beautiful.
It was fun to walk around here and discover.
Ellie playing around while we waited for our food.
Dole Plantation.
Jer and the girls.
Thumbs up for the rental car free upgrade to a SUV.
{they were out of the compacts}
This was the trip of free upgrades, we also got upgraded
to a suite in our hotel. We never get upgrades so it was
Hawaii is beautiful!
We drove around the WHOLE island on
Wednesday. We chose a good day to drive, it was
the only day that the weather was in and out of
being sunny all day.
Elliette on North Shore.
@ Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on the North Shore.
We saw this on Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives before we left.
There are lots of Shrimp trucks along this part of the
North Shore. Shrimp plates with rice. Scampi style
or butter and lemon.
Right by Giovanni's was BBQ'd corn on
the cob. We liked it just as much as the shrimp.
Our scampi shrimp and rice,
YES that is garlic! Delicious! But garlicy.
We got 3 ears of corn you can chooseIisland style
{butter with S&P, maybe garlic salt too}
or you can choose seasoned
{bbq style seasoning}
We liked the Island style better!
It was amazing! I think Jeremy said it was his favorite
thing at the stop.
We also got a Hawaiian style shaved ice here too.
If you ever go you have to stop and get
Giovanni's, corn and shaved ice all in one stop.
Wherever we thought was a cute place to stop
we would pull over and take some pics.
The waves are so much bigger on the North Shore.
It was kind of misting when we stopped here.
Eme and her Daddy.
Ellie loved the beach,
she played at every one that we stopped at.
It was so green and lush over there.
We stopped at some cove look-out.
The water was so pretty here.
Look at that view!
We saw some breathtaking views.
I kept thinking I can't believe we are in Hawaii!
We loved the waves splashing on the rocks.
Hawaii Dec 2011
Next we stopped at Hanauma Bay.
The girls did soooo good for driving in the car for 8 hours.
we stopped several times, but still we drove lots.
Thursday night at The International Market Place
they had a farmers market. We sampled everything,
bought fresh doughnuts, peach custard filled doughnuts,
bought more pineapple and walked around seeing everything.
hahaha they have Spam everywhere on the island.
Even McDonald's does a breakfast plate with Spam.
So gross! but too funny.
Picking out our pinapple.
{inside finger measurement joke}
some weird fruit at the market.
What says last night in Hawaii more
than eating at Cheesecake Factory, haha!
But we did eat outside and that made it
feel more island-ish.
After dinner we went to a hula show.
They do a torch lighting ceremony too,
which we missed. But the tiki torches looked
awesome up and down the whole street.
My little hula dancers.
By the Duke statue.
We got to experience all the amazing,
beautiful sights of the island with these
two sweet girls.
{not sure if they even knew they were in
Hawaii, but they had fun just the same}
When I came home from work about 3 weeks ago and Jeremy said want to go somewhere? I was like sure {sarcastically}, where are we going to go so close to Christmas. They he says with the girls, okay where are we going with the girls. I started guessing, after guessing several places and knowing the girls don't have passports I had no idea, then he said Hawaii, I was like ya right.
But he had looked into it, at that point there were 100 open seats and being before the Christmas rush the hotels were cheap. I was freaking out, Hawaii, really? So we booked a hotel, and started making plans. We researched lots of places to eat, places to go, things to do, etc.
We were going to have a rental car the whole time, but looking into having to pay to park it, all the break-ins on the island, we opted to rent one for just one day. I am so glad we did too, it was perfect. Plus our hotel was so centrally placed we didn't need a car. The weather could not have been more perfect! In the 80's, slight humidity, enough to keep you skin moist but nothing like Cancun or even Florida. It did get a little humid after it rained or misted. Usually it rained in the morning before we got up. The time change was a little hard with kids, we were up early and in early. The island was beautiful! I can't believe we were in shorts, and swimming in the ocean on December 15th. I loved the shopping, trying new foods and seeing all the new sites.
I still can't believe we were there. Now home to reality, and 25 degree weather.
{side note we bought a new camera for the trip. We took our older camera to the beach, with all the sand and water. On our last day when we got back our water bottle had opened and the camera was wet. It turned on, but was just a white screen. Thank goodness it was the old camera, but still I was sick thinking we lost all our beach pictures. When I first loaded it, nothing showed up, but they then popped up.
Whew! I was scared. So thankful we didn't lost those photos}

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