Thursday, December 8, 2011

Annual Friends' Christmas Party

Christmas Party 2011
{held at Terre Mia}
Eating. Laughing. Talking.
Opening presents.
Everyone was nice and didn't steal
people's presents. {so not usual}
All the gits were stinkin cute, I wanted them all.
Me, Jess and Jen
Christy & Karen
Most of the girls {Jess is behind the camera}
Dessert time at Sweet Tooth Fairy.
2nd dessert stop of the night.
Everyone getting a MILLION samples.
Oh Jen I love ya so much!
Whew! Annual Girls Christmas Party is over. I am not glad it's over, just the planning is over. This year's party was hard to nail everyone down to a date. We usually go to someone's house, because we stay WAY late talking. This year I decided we'd go to a restaurant. It was just as fun. We talked and laughed and ate yummy food. We went to two different places for restaurants, yup that's how my girls roll. Love it! I say it all the time, but I love these girls so much. We have been friends since high school, some jr. high and some even earlier. Seriously I have known some girls for 20 years. CRAZY HUH? First I mean really we don't even look that old...ha! That is why all the headache of planning is worth it. To get to spend a night with this group is the best thing ever! Love you all! See ya next year at the first Christmas party to be spent staying at a hotel in Salt Lake.

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