Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our quick Shreveport trip

I traveled with the girls to Shreveport
a day earlier than Jeremy. It is hard work
but the girls travel really good.
Ellie loved picking up TONS of pine cones
while at Grandma and Grandpa's.
{Emery telling me more}
We surprised Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday.
They didn't think we were getting in until
later on Sunday. We actually got in Saturday,
but after traveling all day we were tired.
Once Daddy was there we had lots
of time for karaoke.
Emery really getting into it.
I just happened to capture this pose,
so funny!
Off we go to Jefferson Texas.
Louisiana likes it HOT!
All flavors are hot, hot and hot.
At our favorite little gas station to
stop along the way.
All drinks in glass bottles.
Sweet tea in a huge can!
Jefferson Texas is such a cute little
old historic town. The whole place looks like this.
At the Jefferson General store
Old soda fountain
I can't wait to bring my Dad he
we will go nuts, it is all up his alley.
Emery and Pappy Steve.
I think the kids used to be tiny,
look at this little table and chairs.
Also we saw some antique high chairs
they were itty bitty.
I wanted to take home some old
windows. But not possible on the plane.
They have lots and they were like $8
Kevin and Jeremy
in front of the restaurant we had lunch at.
It was super good.
While at Grandma and Grandpa's we did lots of playing.
Both the girls had so much fun.
Our chefs for the evening,
Kevin and Steve.
{we love every thing they fix, it is always
super delicious}
Either I caught Grandpa at the
wrong moment or he really doesn't
want to be by Jeremy :)
Emery being super wiggly and not
wanting her pic taken
We had a fun shopping day at this cute
open air mall that is along the river
that we like to go to.
Thanks for a wonderful trip!
I am so glad we got to go down and see Grandma, Grandpa, Steve and Kevin in Shreveport.
Jeremy never gets time off over the holidays, it is the airline's busy time and he will be flying tons. He never gets to be with his family over Thanksgiving so it was nice to see them right before the holidays come. We had good weather there and left Utah during a storm so it was nice to be in warmer weather. We spent lots of time going over and seeing Grandma and Grandpa. We went to my favorite place to visit, Jefferson Texas. It is the cutest little town ever. Tons and tons of antique shops that are fun to roam around in.

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