Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Festivities 2011

On our way to a Halloween party
at the Christensen's house.
This year we were a witch, ladybug,
Dorothy and Clark Kent.
The Bills' dressed up as
Freaky Jason, a fairy,
Rapunzel and Spiderman.
The Christensen's dressed as
Bin-Ladin (j.k. Arabian Knight), a witch
a puppy and sheriff.
The girls.
Jessica's" impressive wing span."
Seriously doesn't Joe look exactly like
.....he looked scary enough to scare Ellie.
Thumbs up for Uncle Jeremy.
Krista had a yummy dinner and it was all
decorated so cute.
{My favorite part, the Dr. Pepper 10}
Krista started with a scary story.
{this and Joe's costume did not go over will with Ellie}
We played lots of fun
Minute to Win It games.
The best game of the night
"Elephant nose"
hitting over water bottles with a softball
in a nylon attached to your head.
Jeremy as Clark Kent.
The costume I had to talk him into wearing,
then he ended up really getting into.
Halloween day
Dorothy found the Tinman.
Stopping at GG's to show her our costumes.
Emery did lots of this....eating her candy as
soon as it hit her bag.
Heading down to Springville's
Main Street trick-or-treating.
How sweet is this?
The crowds were insane.
But the kids loved it and actually got
lots of good candy.
This was our first year going to
Main Street, we really liked it.
I think we'll do it again.
My sweet little Dorothy.
The whole ride over she told me
"there's no place like home"
Who's excited to be getting candy?
Ellie and Addy
The Main Street meltdown!
Between Main Street and
trick-or-treating in Jessica's neighborhood
we ate pizza and recouped before heading out again.
Doesn't he make the cutest Spiderman!
And he kept his mask on almost the whole time.
Lincoln and Emery
Can we please just go and not take any pictures Moms?!
The spoooky house!
Emery's very first house going up
all by herself with her basket.
She got the concept down quick.
As his treat Jessica' neighbor who is a
photographer took pics. Then you could go
and download them for free.
Everyone except Ellie who would NOT get in the picture.
How cool is this idea though? Loved it.
Our Halloween party and Trick-or-treating this year was so much fun. I think this was the first year Ellie actually understood what was going on. Everyone looked so cute. Krista threw a fun party. I wish I had on video all the games, they were hilarious. I can't believe it is all over and Thanksgiving is almost here. I feel fall just fading so fast. Especially since we got snow the day after Halloween. On Halloween the weather was perfect, actually warm. When we were on Main Street I had to take my sweater off it got so warm. Perfect day!

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