Saturday, November 26, 2011

Spanish Fork Light Parade

We stopped by Buns and Brews before the
parade for Hot Chocolate and Carmel Apple Ciders.
Part of the group.
Look at Crew and Emery "I can't put my arms down"
It was really cold, and we were all really bundled up.
Emery and Elliette waiting for the parade to start.
Mike and Natalie.
They were the only ones from the fam that made it out.
The girls.
I'd like to say this is tradition that we go
to the light parade the day after Thanksgiving,
but since this is only the 2nd time
we have gone I can't. But we are making it
a tradition. We always have a blast and laugh a ton!
Most of the group.
Emery loved all the lights and music.
The trees look so funny going down the
street by themselves.
Lincoln getting in on the action.
Crew absolutely loved everything!
He got excited about every float
and waved at everyone passing by.
Addy and Ellie,
they slowed down for 2 seconds to get one pic.
Parades are so much better in lights.
The highlight of the parade,
the train coming down Main Street
with fireworks out the engine. So cool.
Ahhhhh at home, we can finally move
now we got all those coats off.
Silly girl!
After a hectic day of chaotic shopping, the hustle and bustle of Black Friday it is fun to go down to the the Spanish Fork City Light Parade. We went two years ago, and for some reason didn't make it last year, not sure why. It was really, really cold this year so we bundled up....lots, and stopped for hot chocolate first to warm us up. The parade was good this year, and it always a good laugh too. All of the kids loved it. Ellie ran over and told me as EACH float was coming what it was. It was a play-by-play, she was soooo excited and it was cute. They had some cool things this year, I think the train topped the list, then Santa at the very end is always a hit. Can't wait for next year. This is the new after Thanksgiving tradition.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A very thankful day.

Jeremy the Chef, and Ellie his Sous Chef.
{Jeremy also wearing one of Ellie's aprons}
Have I mentioned what an amazing husband I have?
Jeremy cooked us our own Thanksgiving dinner
Emery playing with the asparagus ends.
Good enough toy. Kept her occupied.
Our Thanksgiving feast.
Jeremy made: Turkey, home-made stuffing,
sweet potato soufle, mashed potatoes and corn.
Thanksgiving 2011
Turkey time!
On actual Thanksgiving Day.
I always bring a dip and we snack while GG makes
the finishing touches on our Thanksgiving meal.
Shelly, Valyn and GG
The girls loved the tiny table.
Starting to eat our feast.
The kids played and played.
Can you see the disaster we make pouring over
the Black Friday ads?
It is tradition to lay them all over the floor and
make our plan of action.
{which this year I am not even going out}
Nancy and "baby Cracker" Ryker.
We had fun activities for the kids.
They made gingerbread houses.
Ellie's creation
I think the kids ate as much candy as they decorated
with, but they loved making them.
Thanksgiving's festivities lasted a few days this year. Jeremy and I always make a turkey breast and some of the sides so that he still gets a Thanksgiving dinner. He is always flying on Thanksgiving. This year Jeremy took on the task of making the WHOLE dinner by himself. He was also watching the girls since I was working. It was amazing! He did a really good job.
I came home and made asparagus gratin and the gravy, but other than that he made it all.
Ellie loves that we get out our fancy goblets and drink Sparkling Apple Juice.
Then today on actual Thanksgiving we kept with tradition and went to GG's house. I take a dip down every year, this year was cream cheese with peach jalapeno jam on top and crackers. It was a hit. Steve bought me the jam in Jefferson Texas, I can't wait to serve it again.
We always pour over the ads and look at the Black Friday deals. Then eat an amazing meal made by Grandma. After pie we let the kids do a craft.
I have so much to be thankful for! I have the most amazing children and husband. I mean really how many men would watch the kids and cook all day. I am so blessed to marry into such an amazing family. I love my parents and siblings I am lucky to have each of them in my life.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our quick Shreveport trip

I traveled with the girls to Shreveport
a day earlier than Jeremy. It is hard work
but the girls travel really good.
Ellie loved picking up TONS of pine cones
while at Grandma and Grandpa's.
{Emery telling me more}
We surprised Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday.
They didn't think we were getting in until
later on Sunday. We actually got in Saturday,
but after traveling all day we were tired.
Once Daddy was there we had lots
of time for karaoke.
Emery really getting into it.
I just happened to capture this pose,
so funny!
Off we go to Jefferson Texas.
Louisiana likes it HOT!
All flavors are hot, hot and hot.
At our favorite little gas station to
stop along the way.
All drinks in glass bottles.
Sweet tea in a huge can!
Jefferson Texas is such a cute little
old historic town. The whole place looks like this.
At the Jefferson General store
Old soda fountain
I can't wait to bring my Dad he
we will go nuts, it is all up his alley.
Emery and Pappy Steve.
I think the kids used to be tiny,
look at this little table and chairs.
Also we saw some antique high chairs
they were itty bitty.
I wanted to take home some old
windows. But not possible on the plane.
They have lots and they were like $8
Kevin and Jeremy
in front of the restaurant we had lunch at.
It was super good.
While at Grandma and Grandpa's we did lots of playing.
Both the girls had so much fun.
Our chefs for the evening,
Kevin and Steve.
{we love every thing they fix, it is always
super delicious}
Either I caught Grandpa at the
wrong moment or he really doesn't
want to be by Jeremy :)
Emery being super wiggly and not
wanting her pic taken
We had a fun shopping day at this cute
open air mall that is along the river
that we like to go to.
Thanks for a wonderful trip!
I am so glad we got to go down and see Grandma, Grandpa, Steve and Kevin in Shreveport.
Jeremy never gets time off over the holidays, it is the airline's busy time and he will be flying tons. He never gets to be with his family over Thanksgiving so it was nice to see them right before the holidays come. We had good weather there and left Utah during a storm so it was nice to be in warmer weather. We spent lots of time going over and seeing Grandma and Grandpa. We went to my favorite place to visit, Jefferson Texas. It is the cutest little town ever. Tons and tons of antique shops that are fun to roam around in.