Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin painting 2011

I look forward to this every year.
I started painting my pumpkins a few years back.
Now it is a tradition to have a pumpkin painting party
at my house every October.
As time goes on we get more and more creative.
This one turned out so cute with glue and glitter.
For some reason every year we paint our pumpkins it
is really warm, which is good since we do it outside.
But I end up hauling my umbrella for some shade.
Krista did a super cute star pumpkin.
This was Shelly's first time coming.
Utah is getting to this California girl.
Pumpkin painting chaos.
This year's creations.
I glittered around the circles with orange and green.
It turned out so stinkin cute.
I love to see the pumpkins from year to year.
"B" for Bogard
Candice and a few of her pumpkins.
"A" for Allred and "R" for Ryah.
I really really look forward to painting my pumpkins each year. It has turned into quite the event. I have done it for a few years now, and each year we get more and more creative. I had picked out lots of perfect pumpkins to paint {they have to have long stems to tie ribbon around.} Just one step closer to Halloween. I just LOVE Fall!

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