Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mall of America

The Mall of America!
{I really did not have any idea how big this really would be.
Big enough for an amusement park inside.}
Ellie got to go all by herself with me and fly out
to meet Jeremy in Minneapolis.
She is the BEST little traveler. I woke her up at
4 a.m. to get on a 6 a.m. flight and she was an angel.
Welcome to Minneapolis!
A short 2 hour and 1 minute direct flight.
Minneapolis airport.
They had a fun shopping mall down the center.
Ellie was obsessed with carrying her "case."
Not sure why she called it her case.
But she wanted to take it everywhere, even the mall.
We had to convince her to leave it behind.
She loved putting it on the belt for security, and pulling it by herself.
Skywest actually puts the pilots up in a hotel in
St. Paul which is about 20 minutes from the airport.
They do stay closer if it is a short overnight.
But the hotel was awesome! Ellie loved the water and
ducks that were inside!
Not often do you get to see ducks inside your hotel.
At first I was disappointed that the hotel was
a bit away, but the drive there was gorgeous.
Then we were downtown by all these
amazing buildings and churches.
I loved the architecture. The history of the
old buildings. We got to walk by them on the way to the bus stop.
{yup we rode the city bus, that is a story itself}
Some cathedral. Stunning.
I loved how "back East" being in Minneapolis and
St. Paul felt. How I picture cities with big Eastern colleges and campuses are.
Seriously loved it!
Finally made it to the mall.
The bus ride was about 35 minutes.
It really wasn't bad, and it was super cheap.
In front of American Girl, luckily for me
Ellie wanted nothing to do with them.
Dora on the other hand she loved.
The mall seriously has an amusement park
inside. Ellie got to ride some rides.
Thumbs up!
In the Lego store.
Just her size.
The park is Nickelodeon themed so Ellie
knew all the characters everywhere which was fun.
By one of the Backyardigans.
Okay I am still craving this meal.
We ate at Tucci Benucch.
We just decided to eat here because it smelled amazing.
{there were LOTS of places to choose from to eat}
We shared an amazing chopped salad, and this is half of the lunch
size baked spaghetti we shared. I cannot even tell you how good it was.
The creamiest, softest noodles, yummiest sauce I have tasted.
If you go to The Mall of America eat here!
Get the Baked Spaghetti, go for lunch hours.
Did I say I am still craving it?
The result of waking up at 4 a.m. and having
a crammed packed day of fun.
Elliette zonked while shopping.
Time to say goodbye.
The airport has this really fun play area
for kids. With lots to climb on, a big
airplane and slide.
Captain Elliette flying the plane.
When Jeremy asked if I wanted to fly out and bring Ellie to Minneapolis then go to the Mall of America, of course I said HECK YES!! But I had no idea how much fun this little quick trip would be. We landed at about 9:30 in the morning and amazingly so did Jeremy. So we met at the airport and rode the shuttle with him and the crew to the hotel in St. Paul. The drive was fun, I was checking out all the cute shops, restaurants and city life. The hotel had a huge atrium inside with a duck pond. We were early enough to still get breakfast {which was good we had not eaten yet} the hotel provides a nice breakfast. Omlet station, hot grill and lots to choose from. We ate and headed to the mall, on the city bus! I wasn't sure about the bus, but it is not a far ride and only $1.75 a person, and Ellie was free. Gotta get some diverse exposure somehow. What better way then all the characters on the city bus. {there is a train directly form the airport and only 10 minutes away if you ever have a long layover} It dropped us off and we just followed the crowd, we had no idea where we were going. It is so huge! It funnels you right into the mall. At first is is overwhelming, but after a bit I got my bearings. We hit the rides first. Then shopping, snacks and lunch. My favorite store was not even one for me, but P.S. by Aeropostale, it starts at 4T, we got Ellie some stinkin cute things, wish they had one in Utah. I actually ran into someone I know at the mall, crazy huh! Alison Clyde Henrie just moved to Minneapolis on Wed, so that was fun to see her. We took the bus back to the hotel. They do a happy hour with snacks and drinks. So Ellie and Jer went down and got us some Pepsi and popcorn. I loved the hotel for all the extras they do. I think she liked being the only one with Mom and Dad. We did a late night run to Jimmy Johns right on the corner and relaxed in the room watching TV.
-The Mall was more than I ever expected, can't wait to go back.
-I have the worst feet ever! My foot I had surgery on was going numb while walking.
-Bring a big bag for ALL the stuff you will buy at the mall!
-Go back just for the Baked Spaghetti.
-Rent a car next time to explore more.
-Tell all the people you know the story of the crazy guy on the bus ride home.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin painting 2011

I look forward to this every year.
I started painting my pumpkins a few years back.
Now it is a tradition to have a pumpkin painting party
at my house every October.
As time goes on we get more and more creative.
This one turned out so cute with glue and glitter.
For some reason every year we paint our pumpkins it
is really warm, which is good since we do it outside.
But I end up hauling my umbrella for some shade.
Krista did a super cute star pumpkin.
This was Shelly's first time coming.
Utah is getting to this California girl.
Pumpkin painting chaos.
This year's creations.
I glittered around the circles with orange and green.
It turned out so stinkin cute.
I love to see the pumpkins from year to year.
"B" for Bogard
Candice and a few of her pumpkins.
"A" for Allred and "R" for Ryah.
I really really look forward to painting my pumpkins each year. It has turned into quite the event. I have done it for a few years now, and each year we get more and more creative. I had picked out lots of perfect pumpkins to paint {they have to have long stems to tie ribbon around.} Just one step closer to Halloween. I just LOVE Fall!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grandma Linda's Visit

We LOVE when Grandma comes to visit.
Linda always comes to visit us in the Fall,
while she was here we visited the pumpkin patch.
Grandma with Ellie and Eme
Fall 2011
Seeing leaves on the Alpine Loop.
Linda, Jeremy and Elliette.
A group shot.
Me and my girls.
With the cold front we had gotten the leaves
were not at "peak" I think it got too cold
too fast. But it was still pretty.
The girls getting out stretching their legs.
Ellie is really excited to be out of the car.
Leaves and snow
it was beautiful.
Next stop the witch fest
at Gardner's Village.
We love seeing all the witches.
Jer and the girls.
The girls were so funny watching the cat
running under the Witch's dress.
Emery couldn't figure out how to get in to touch it.
Emery wanted to touch all of the Witches.
Doesn't Ellie look happy :)
Gardner's Village 2011
Nanny and Grandma Linda took Ellie, Eme and
cousin Ryah to pumpkin patch in Santquin.
They got to take a hay ride to the patch.
Then got to pick their own pumpkins.
Like I have said before Fall is my favorite time of year. I think it is Linda's too. She comes out a few times a year, but Fall is the best time to visit. We always hit Gardner's Village, see the leaves and pick pumpkins. The first few days she was here it was cold, freezing, it actually snowed. Then it warmed up and was beautiful. A week always goes way too fast. We did lots of fun things while she was here. The leaves were not at their peak. I am not sure we will see them at peak. We got that snow storm early and I think they are going to fall instead of change. We actually talked about going to Vermont next Fall to see the foilage, I hope it happens.