Friday, September 23, 2011

Lion King 3D

Getting ready to leave the house. Doesn't someone look excited to be going to the movies?
For the very first time ever we took
Elliette to a movie in the theater. Ellie buying tickets with Dad
Popcorn! I don't think Ellie fully understood what "going to the movies" meant. But once we got there it didn't take long to be excited about popcorn, treats and sitting in a big chair.
It was funny, Ellie was too small so the chair kept folding on her. We got a booster but she eventually ended up on Jeremy's lap the whole movie.
Lion King 3D Let's get this movie started! Ellie thought wearing the glasses was pretty cool.
Ellie and Jer. I wasn't a crazy person in the theater snapping a million pics. There was absolutely no one in the theater for the first 15 minutes. Then it didn't fill up much after that.Elliette fell asleep about 20 minutes before the end. The movie itself wasn't super long, but tons of previews made it really long. This was Ellie's very first movie in the theater. Lion King was back in theaters for 2 weeks only. We saw it in 3D. This was Jeremy's and my very first time watching a 3D movie too. I loved it. It was fun to practically have the whole theater to ourselves. It didn't take Ellie long to figure out going to the movies is fun. Buying tickets, getting glasses, and standing in front of a huge counter of candy and popcorn is lots of fun. Ellie did really good, she stayed in her seat and it was fun seeing the excitement in her eyes. Next time we'll do an earlier movie so she stays awake.

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