Saturday, September 10, 2011

Camping with the Christensens and Bills'

Over Labor Day weekend The Christensens went camping
with the Bills'. I had to work Fri and Jer left for a trip on Sat so we decided to drive up and spend Thur evening with them to eat dinner and sit around the camp fire.
This is why you go with these guys, you get to eat "cooking with the Christensens yummy cooking." Krista the cook for the evening.
"Camping with the Christensens" this was the theme of their camping trip
Jason being the fire master. He found a pitchfork log.
The kids LOVED playing in the dirt.
Getting ready to eat.
Talan and his first smore on the night.
Elliette loved roasting marshmallows. It was fun times with all the kids and sharp pointy sticks, the kids would put it in for 10 seconds and think it was done.
So the adults took over the roasting, and the kids the eating.
Smores King. Jeremy had the perfect marshmallow roasting down to an art.
Ellie and Addy.
Ellie and Eme crashed coming home.
Ellie fell asleep with her lantern on.Saturday. On Saturday I asked Ellie do you want to go to the water park, go to Trafalga or see the kids camping. She chose the kids camping. So I headed back up the canyon alone with the girls, Jer was flying.
We got to go on a 4-wheeler ride up to a fun look out point. Addy, Talan, Ellie
When we came to this ridge we were getting off the 4-wheelers and parked were a few trailers.
All the sudden I hear "Ashley" I was like who knows me up here. It was Whit! Crazy huh. What are the chances!
The kids played in the creek. The loved getting soaking wet. The water was cool and felt good on a hot day.
For some reason Jason and Joe decided to change the course of the dam and build their own. They worked like dirty dogs building their dam, hauling rocks and sticks from all over. It honestly changed the flow of the river. That was crazy to see.
Talan and Ellie back in camp playing with my camera.
"say cheese Ellie"
"say cheese Talan"
Talan had to get props for his pic. Not enough hands for his fishing pole, between the legs will do. :)
We had so much fun crashing the camping trip. They had picked a site up Diamond Fork, so for us it was a quick ride up to where they were camping. We have been wanting to go camping, but due to schedules and Emery being small, and not knowing how she will do, we have not gone this year. We really would have gone at least one night if I wasn't working on Friday. Next year. It was actually nice to enjoy good camping food, the fire and being up the canyon, then coming home to shower and sleep in our own beds. Ellie loved it so much she wanted to go up again, and that was fun because we got to go 4-wheeling. Which she loved. That was her very first time riding a 4-wheeler. She did really good. Next year hopefully we have several camping trips.


The Christensen said...

It was so much fun having you guys up to visit. I hope that next year you can stay a few days with us.

Ashley Bogard said...

It is a plan for sure! We had fun in the short times we came up.