Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Birthday Sisters- Anchors Away Party

When Katelyn sent me a cute cake idea that was navy and hot pink anchors and said "this will be cute for my Bday" I knew I would be planning a party, I mean did I have a choice? haha
The cake and subway art. I told my Mom hot pink for the anchors, they were more baby pink. But still turned out cute. I ordered the cake at Walmart kind of last minute they never get it how I really want, but oh well.
Bryn, one of Kat's BF's
Katelyn turns 22 on Sept 7th
My little party princesses.
This sign was cute in the Life Savers
We even had the soda match the color scheme.
Jer with the girls
Katelyn opening one of my gifts for her. An anchor necklace hot pink and navy.
Even Emery had anchors on.
Salad shots. These were cute salad shots with chicken salad on the bottom.
The spread: hamburger sliders home-made thousand island dressing for buns home-made mac and cheese salad shots the yummiest deviled eggs ever And my fave caprese salad!
The cake
Kat and Ellie. Elliette was really excited for Katelyn and Sid's Bday party.
The Birthday girls. Sid 26 Kat 22
The Hatch's Levi, Nancy and Ryker
The fam {minus a few}
Everyone is always so good to color
coordinate. We all looked very festive!
Cake time!
Make a wish
Kat opening more presents.
Emery went around to every person she could to get some cake and ice cream. She was working the cake scene for sure.
A pic of the necklace. Since Katelyn and Sid's Birthdays are only 4 days apart we have celebrated their Bdays together the last few years. It is always fun with lots of friends and family. This year's color and theme was so fun and darling. Sid cooked all day, and the food was AMAZING! Seriously I think everyone kept commenting like "this is the best mac and cheese I have ever put in my mouth" and "can I get the recipe for these deviled eggs?" The party was a hit! I Love my sisters! Happy Birthday guys!

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