Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wouldn't be a girls night without a project

Ahhhh, at our favorite place Terra Mia!
{Donna you will appreciate this, they have the exact same parmesan peppercorn dressing they had at Road House Grill, exact! I could drink it!}
Jessica's pesto pasta! It was amazing! Krista and I had to sample it.
Krista, Me, Jess. Krista and Jessica's husbands were in Wendover for a bachelor party, my husband is always gone so we decided a girls night was a must.
Most amazing pesto pizza EVER! We listed a bunch of places to go eat and ended up back at our favorite place. Not sure why we even ask where to go.
Gunnison Utah making Mater even more famous!
After leaving dinner we were all chatting in the car when we saw Mater out of the corner of our eyes just sitting in a parking lot, we were like little kids screaming, MATER! We turned around quick to go take some pics. We met the guy who did it, doesn't it look just like Tow Mater! I think all our kids will be jealous over this one
Before dinner we had hit the Dollar Store, Robert's and Hobby Lobby to get stuff to do a project after dinner. We got Dollar Store ceramic pumpkins and decided to glitter them and make them marvelous!
We literally did not start the project until 10 pm. The kids unfortunately did not last as long as we wanted them to. Jess and I stayed up until midnight finishing the rest.
You can see some of the before pumpkins in this picture.
They are super sparkly and so cute.
I LOVE the black one! I actually did this one the next day. And my new mini cake plate is to die for.
My finished ones.
I will say this is an OUTSIDE project. Glitter everywhere! I really hate when my husband is gone, but when we are doing projects really late and having girls nights, it is nice not to have to worry about hurrying. I think Jess and Krista were having the same experience too. The best part of the night was after we had gotten pumpkins and getting glitter, and Jess asks "now what are we doing", I am still laughing. She said you just told me to get a bunch of pumpkins so I did. Guess Krista and I in our over excitement over the project did not explain it well. We knew what we were doing why have to explain. We had so much fun at the Dollar Store we had everyone in line asking what we were doing. Dinner was delicious! And I think we actually were able to taste our food without the kids there. We had such a fun time and the finished projects turned out so cute.

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