Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Florida in August...Hot, Hot, Hot!

Flying with the girls solo to Florida.
We left on Friday Jeremy met up with us on Sunday.
Yeah!! We got on both our flights and made it to Orlando. Flying with both the girls alone was easier than I thought. They were both really good.
Triple trouble! Cooper, Elliette and Croix
Dinner at Dolphin View Restaurant. We sat right on the water to eat, and actually saw several dolphins. {dinner with Donna's parents is always a must when we go}
Donna and I with the all the kids, being outnumbered by little ones.
Oh how I love Donna's parents so much!! We have just grafted ourselves into their family.
This one is for Jer! Thumbs up all around
Bob, Cooper, Donna, Croix {not sure why my flash wouldn't work, sorry guys for the dark pic}
Searching for dolphins
Grandpa!! Isn't that just so sweet.
After dinner we hit up Dairy Queen I should have taken a pic of it. It is outdoors and you walk up to the window to order, so much fun. Kids loved it.
The kids being silly running around.
Strike a pose!
Day 2
We hit the Sanford Zoo, mainly to play in the
splash pad. It was melting hot!
The kids petting some lizard thing
The snakes were in the air-conditioned room! Yes kids look at yucky snakes as long as you want.
Croix and Ellie
3 little monkeys sitting in a tree!
Time to cool off.
We let the kids just run around in the water and play for awhile.
Snow cones were a must on a HOT August day in Florida.
The kids loved the splash pad, the B&D have year passes so the boys get to go lots. Ellie loved it, Emery just wanted to sit by Mom and eat her snow cone.
Not quite sure about the squirting frog.
The best part of B&D's house is just letting the kids all play together. There is NO lack of toys anywhere. Even here on the closed in patio.
Emery loved pushing the alligators around. She gets frustrated when trapped in a corner and can't get out, it is so funny.
Cooper and Ellie started pushing each other in the big dump truck, occasionally missing slamming into the wall. This occupied them all for a while.
...and jumping on the couches
Emery playing with the massive train set.
SNOW CONES at home!
Donna saw this idea to make the cups glow by putting glow bracelets in the bottom of the cups then putting a clear one on top. {not glowing with the lights on obviously}
Cool huh?! The kids had so much fun with this fun treat. We took them to the neighbors for all the kids to eat.
Day 3 Daytona Beach
Bob was cracking me up, he always digs a big deep hole for the kids to play in. Immediately when we got there he started digging. We were like, no worries we got this, the kids, umbrella, snacks etc. LOL Dig the hole, dig the hole
Jeremy was put right to work by Ellie to build her a castle.
Seriously still laughing, here is Bob getting a little deeper. He worked like crazy on that hole.
The fam.
Awwww, how cute is this! Ellie is so lucky to have Jeremy as such an involved Daddy.
I found a star fish...in the wild! I have ALWAYS wanted to find one. Mark that off the bucket list.
Okay so I found a "defective" one but still. It was missing a leg, but it had a nubbin growing one back.
Most of the kids held it. Emery just touched it.
Elliette and Cooper being brave holding it. It sucked on your hand, it was weird. I may have been even more excited than the kids were to have found one.
Thanks Uncle Bob for digging us an awesome hole to play in. The hole turned into a slide toward the end of the day. The kids loved sliding into the water.
@Boondocks! After the beach we hit up our fave hole-in-the-wall place to eat.
Boondocks was slightly under construction. They were working on the sidewalk by the water. The kids loved watching the big barge parked there.
The boys were really into watching all the machinery.
We had to take our annual picture at Boondocks. It is a tradition. Too bad we had been at the beach all day and looked fabulous.
Day 4 Our second time to eat at Dolphin View
Jeremy was not there the first time we ate here, so we had to go back just for him. Of course the 2nd time we went, we didn't see any dolphins. Poor Jer missed out.
Pretty girl!
After Dolphin View we cooled off in the neighbor's pool until time to meet friends for dinner.
Water baby. Emery loved the water.
Happy girl. We swam lots this trip, between pools, the beach and a resort B&D stayed at.
Elliette and Madison. Not sure what Ellie is doing here, Madison was trying to hug her. {That is a lot of hair between 2 small ones}
Xavier, Madison and Tonya.
Missing this time was Ben and Diana. Ben had school stuff, we missed them. We ate at Houligans, and they had amazing grilled wings.
Day 5 We finally made it over to Oldsmar to visit Jeremy's family. Grandma Linda reading books to Ellie before bed.
Day 6 Another beach day. @ Dunedin Beach {Honeymoon Island}
Me, Joelle and the kiddos.
Ellie putting Jeremy to work again.
The group before dinner. Grandma stayed home with 4 kids Shaelyn, Ellie, Emery and Braden.
Jordan, Courtney, Brinna, Joelle, Me, Jer @ Molly Goodheads for dinner. {not pictured is Jon}
At Grandma's you get to do whatever you want, including riding the bike inside the house. {Thanks Linda for giving us all a night out and watching the kids for us!}
Someone thought they could feed themselves.
The three girls playing play dough. Ellie and Shaelyn got along so good. Ellie didn't want to leave her.
Day 7 At another of our favorite places Fairway Pizza. The absolute BEST greek salad and pizza you will ever put in your mouth.
Lunch with the kids always a good time.
Day 8 Bob and Donna came over to Tampa side to go car shopping {which they did end up getting a Volvo SUV, XC 90, so nice!!!} But they stayed at Innisbrook Resort and we all came over to swim.
The boys didn't want to sit still for 2 seconds to get their picture taken. Can you blame them? This place was awesome.
Doesn't Elliette look like a little lifeguard?
Bob and Donna had stayed here before so we knew it had an awesome pool. Thanks for letting us come play!
Is there anything better than eating otter pops in the pool?
The resort came around and had cute sand buckets full of popsicles for the kids. So refreshing, and easy clean up!
Ahhhh this is the life!
The B&D chillaxin in the pool.
Day 9 Bogard Family Pictures 2011 That is one good-looking group.
Grandma Linda with Ellie and Emery all matching so cute.
Ready to go. Please stay clean until we get there.
Day 10 {The day we left} Usually we are up and at the airport for the earliest flight they have, which is not fun. This time flights in the pm looked better. So we had time to pack and relax before we left. Emery played so hard she just collapsed sitting up right in the chair.
Ellie did NOT want to go. She wanted to stay and play with Shaelyn and Grandma. She asked "Grandma I stay here?" She told me "I stay here, Eme stay here, you and Dad go home" I asked her if she would be sad and she said "I not be sad" This was one of the best trips down to Florida. Probably because we were not so rushed like usual. With 2 travel days and trying to see friends in Daytona then drive to Tampa it is always hard to fit it all in. But with 10 days we had plenty of time to do it all. I was ready to be home though after that long. We usually go down in the Spring and Fall when it is not so scorching hot. And yes it was melting hot the whole time, well so humid you melted. Jeremy loves it, me not so much. You can see why Elliette did not want to leave, she played with so many friends and cousins, got spoiled by Grandma, swam lots and went to the beach twice. She is already asking to go back. We love being at Bob and Donna's house, we just let the kids run wild and we get to talk and just all be together. We even have our own room there, see we have just grafted ourselves into their family...and house too. Love and miss all our friends and family!


Bob and Donna said...

A) There were not supposed to be any bathing suit pictures.
B) Did you have to show ALL of the chaos we allow in our house?
C) Hilarious comments on Bob and the hole :-)

Love you guys, miss you.

Ashley Bogard said...

DONNA! There were no swimsuit pics,haha.