Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer Day Celebrations

The carnival was in town for Spanish Fork's Pioneer Days. Emery about jumped out of my arms wating to ride the carousel.
The boats were Ellie's favorite ride. She is still asking to go ride the boats.
July is fun in Utah, we get to celebrate the 4th of July, then the 24th for Pioneer Days. This year we celebrated all weekend long.
Face painting.
Addy is such a crack up, she waned a big spider on her face.... she settled for a flower. Pretty sure she still wanted a spider when we left. Ellie was thrilled with her butterfly.
Boating on Saturday. Ryah on the tube.
Katelyn's turn on the tube.
Just sitting on the tube, no I didn't take her out on it. We were roped to the boat. But she loved it, little dare devil.
Sistas! Candice and Kat. Don't I have some hot sisters!
Nanny and Ellie
Adam hotdogging on the knee board turning 360's
Stopping to swim
Jim NEVER gets off the boat, this is a rare sight. The water was 78 degrees so he thinks he may do it more often.
Hello on the boat!
After boating we met up with the Bills' for Mapleton's 24th celebrations in the park. Addy and Ellie with their glow sticks, a sword for Addy and wand for Ellie. {very typical of these two}
After some yummy food we watched the most
amazing fireworks I have seen.
They were set to music and the kids were jumping and dancing. Seriously the best show ever!
We had to lay down to see them they were directly over us. We left with ashes on us, and it was worth it!
Emery tried her best to stay awake, I don't know how she slept through it, they were so loud!
Addy and Ellie. I think we had the best seats in the house.
Sunday we went to Bradley's 3rd Bday party. Carnival themed. Kat and Ellie with their cotton candy.
Sliding down the bounce house. It was so hot, Uncle Ricky put the hose down the slide and the kids LOVED it! Ryker and Emery
just 3 months apart.
Chef Sid! We ate at the restaurant in Little America that Sid chefs at.
Next we went to Little Americato swim. It was my parents' 35th wedding anniversary so we invaded their hotel to play in the pool
Happy 35 years Jim-Jim and Lois. Long weekends are fun, but long holiday weekends are more fun! We did lots of activities this weekend. Carnival, boating, fireworks, parties, and swimming. I brought the girls home every night totally exhausted. They played and played so hard every day. I love wearing them out before bed. Spanish Fork has fireworks tonight for the 24th and the rodeo. We have the best view from our house so we'll be watching them tonight too. We had a jam-packed weekend, I wish Jeremy would have been here with us to join in on all the festivities. Also we are making Mapleton's fireworks a family tradition. I loved the small hometown feel of eating yummy food from vendors in the park on blankets. The kids running around with their glow sticks to the music of the band playing. Then all laying down on the blankets to watch the fireworks set to music, and having them directly over top of you. I saw some I had never seen before. Seriously amazing!!!

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