Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!
Our red, white and blue family
Our patriotic princesses!
Our little family firework show, Ellie helping Daddy.
We celebrated the holiday on Saturday instead of Monday, due to Jeremy flying. We are used to celebrating holidays on not the exact days around here.
Bring on the show!
Yup...Ellie burned her fingers on the sparklers. Ouch! Which is sad because she has done lots of sparklers. But decided to grab it after it went out. And thus spent the rest of the night with her had in a cup of ice chips.
Actually on the 4th of July Ellie and Eme riding the mini carousel at the outlets in Park City.
They both could have rode all day.
And you have to get a flag snow cone on the 4th!
Mom and Dad. {Jim-Jim can never open his eyes in pictures}
Wes and Katelyn up at my parents for another firework show. Jeremy, the girls and I celebrated the 4th of July a little early. It seems like Jeremy is gone a lot of the holidays. Not all, but lots. To me it doesn't matter when we celebrate, as long as we are all together. So after boating with the family on Saturday we got hot dogs to grill and had a little BBQ, after that we did a small firework show. Ellie loved helping Daddy light the fireworks, Emery and I loved just watching them. It was all fun and games until Ellie burned her fingers. She slept with an ice pack that night. She kept telling me "Mom my fingers hot" poor little girl. We warned her lots, and she has done lots of sparklers. Fire works are just so scary. Luckily it was just a little tiny burn. We were supposed to go boating again on the 4th, but the weather was ify, so not wanting to sit around I told my parents well let's go do something. We would up in Park City. It was busy, but really good sales going on. We did a family BBQ at my parent's house and more fireworks. It was a fun weekend celebrating our nation's independence!

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