Friday, July 8, 2011

Elliette's 3rd Birthday "flying first class"

Elliette Avarie
3 years old
Happy when she started jumping
Can't believe our sweet-faced baby girl is 3!!!
Ellie's Birthday invitation, A pink and purple airplane themed party.
This is looking outside just 2 hours before the
party is supposed to start. Pouring rain!
Airplane cookie cutters for the adult gift bags.
At the house playing with the balloons.
So the rain stopped, but it was so wet we had to move the party to Nanny's house. {let me tell you how much fun it was moving all that stuff!}
Pre-party preparations.
Suckers for the guests.
I was being the good flight attendant and checking in all the junior pilots.
All the kids got their pilot wings.
Putting their wings on.
Our little Captain getting her wings.
The Airport Check-in table
Flying First Class! Kat and Candice
Aunt Katelyn got Ellie her very first fish a beta. She was thrilled!
I really have the worst luck ordering cakes, I swear I describe them just how I want. The colors were all wrong.
These were the cute gum paste airplane and clouds that my Mom cut, but clashed so didn't get used {next time I am taking the candle to match!}
So just a hod podge of pink and purple colors
Pink and purple lollipops with stamped wings on them for all the guests.
Ellie Airline's Food Court
My sweet friends who came. Krista, Me, Jess and Katie
Ellie stood still for 15 seconds for me to snap one picture with her.
We played one game of ring toss. I am not a huge fan of games, but the kids loved it.
The Captain and his First Officer.
The kids played for airplane prizes.
Everyone got a turn
We didn't get a ton of rings on the towers, but it was still fun.
I love everyone in the background with their cameras taking pictures.
Ellie trying to place the rings on, not toss them.
Emery loved the cupcakes.
Not quite as messy as at her party.
"This is your Captain speaking" Katie and Alec
Poor Jim-Jim didn't feel good. He had been to the Dr.'s for 5 hours that day poor guy!
The joke that will never die! haha, thank goodness because it is least to us it is. {Krista and Jason}
Joe! I think this was pre-Crew choking. Poor little guy!
Nanny showing off her food box
GG with Natalie and Lydia
Always the thumbs up! {even though we had to move the party it all came together and turned out nice}
Anyone want to fly with these three? They have their wings,
Starting to eat. Each person got their own clear box of "airplane" food.
The inflight food service included: peanuts, pretzels, a sandwich, small water and a bendy straw.
The rain stopped and turned out to be a nice night.
Our little family of 4. Still can't believe we have a three and a one year old.
Aunt Kat and Emery.
Some decorations around the patio. Ellie was probably still having too much fun running around to get in the picture with the girls.
All the food boxes stacked up.
Aunt Katelyn got Ellie her very first fish, a beta. She was THRILLED!
Opening presents. TANGLED!
A plasma bike from Grandma Linda. "I wiggle fast" when you wiggle the wheel it makes you go, no need to pedal at all. She loves it!
How cute is the apron?
People are so talented. Cupcakes with airplane picks.
Ellie with Daddy, Mommy and her cake!
Happy "Tu-Tu" to my sweet Ellie!
Blowing out her candles, and singing to herself. :)"Baggage Claim"
The kids with their "baggage" party favor bags
Inside the bags were pink and purple silly string!
Talan in mid spray
I think the silly string was the hit of the party.
Ellie told me all night "I spray the kids!"
Such a fun party for our sweet 3 year old. I have wanted to do a pink and purple airplane party for awhile now. Pretty soon Elliette will be telling me what theme she wants, so for now while I still get to pick this was a fun party to plan. I had known what I was doing for awhile so I had started making and buying supplies, but her party came on so fast. It seemed like I got Emery's party over, we went to Mexico, then got back had a busy 4th of July weekend and then it was her party. And now for the 2nd Birthday in a row, first Emery's and now Ellie's we have had to move them to my Mom's house due to rain. On both parties the weather ended up becoming really nice and blue skies, but it was just so wet outside, so we decided to move it. That was not fun moving 35 food boxes all made up, all the decorations, balloons and food. So in a rush we made sandwiches and got everything set up. The kids had so much fun. For sure the hit was the silly string. Next time I am buying a huge basket of silly string for everyone, adults too. The food was good, Ellie loved playing with all her friends, and opening gifts. She was singing Happy Birthday to herself when we brought her her cake. It was so cute. Elliette was a cute captain and all the kids were cute junior pilots with their wings. The parties are lots of work, but I love planning them and giving me something to work on. When we are all done Jeremy always tells me thanks for throwing and planning a successful party. This means probably more to me than he thinks having him recognize all the hard work. Thanks babe! Don't we have some amazing kids?! So Happy Birthday to our "baby" she will always be my baby forever and ever! Love you Elliette!

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