Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer Day Celebrations

The carnival was in town for Spanish Fork's Pioneer Days. Emery about jumped out of my arms wating to ride the carousel.
The boats were Ellie's favorite ride. She is still asking to go ride the boats.
July is fun in Utah, we get to celebrate the 4th of July, then the 24th for Pioneer Days. This year we celebrated all weekend long.
Face painting.
Addy is such a crack up, she waned a big spider on her face.... she settled for a flower. Pretty sure she still wanted a spider when we left. Ellie was thrilled with her butterfly.
Boating on Saturday. Ryah on the tube.
Katelyn's turn on the tube.
Just sitting on the tube, no I didn't take her out on it. We were roped to the boat. But she loved it, little dare devil.
Sistas! Candice and Kat. Don't I have some hot sisters!
Nanny and Ellie
Adam hotdogging on the knee board turning 360's
Stopping to swim
Jim NEVER gets off the boat, this is a rare sight. The water was 78 degrees so he thinks he may do it more often.
Hello on the boat!
After boating we met up with the Bills' for Mapleton's 24th celebrations in the park. Addy and Ellie with their glow sticks, a sword for Addy and wand for Ellie. {very typical of these two}
After some yummy food we watched the most
amazing fireworks I have seen.
They were set to music and the kids were jumping and dancing. Seriously the best show ever!
We had to lay down to see them they were directly over us. We left with ashes on us, and it was worth it!
Emery tried her best to stay awake, I don't know how she slept through it, they were so loud!
Addy and Ellie. I think we had the best seats in the house.
Sunday we went to Bradley's 3rd Bday party. Carnival themed. Kat and Ellie with their cotton candy.
Sliding down the bounce house. It was so hot, Uncle Ricky put the hose down the slide and the kids LOVED it! Ryker and Emery
just 3 months apart.
Chef Sid! We ate at the restaurant in Little America that Sid chefs at.
Next we went to Little Americato swim. It was my parents' 35th wedding anniversary so we invaded their hotel to play in the pool
Happy 35 years Jim-Jim and Lois. Long weekends are fun, but long holiday weekends are more fun! We did lots of activities this weekend. Carnival, boating, fireworks, parties, and swimming. I brought the girls home every night totally exhausted. They played and played so hard every day. I love wearing them out before bed. Spanish Fork has fireworks tonight for the 24th and the rodeo. We have the best view from our house so we'll be watching them tonight too. We had a jam-packed weekend, I wish Jeremy would have been here with us to join in on all the festivities. Also we are making Mapleton's fireworks a family tradition. I loved the small hometown feel of eating yummy food from vendors in the park on blankets. The kids running around with their glow sticks to the music of the band playing. Then all laying down on the blankets to watch the fireworks set to music, and having them directly over top of you. I saw some I had never seen before. Seriously amazing!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

24 hours in LA to cruise the coast

Is this not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen!?!
A Trader Joe's and Panera Bread right next to each other. I may be in Heaven. And not pictured next to these was a Home Goods, I mean really does it get any better!
Basil for $2.99! Are you kidding me?
We went back later and they were all gone, crazy huh, I wanted to take one home. They were HUGE!
Snacks for the road trip. I LOVE Trader Joe's and there is one 1.5 miles from the hotel.
Waiting for Jeremy in the room to get there. On sort of a whim I decided to go on one of Jeremy's long overnights to LA. He landed at Noon on Sat and didn't have to be back to the airport until 1 pm the next day. We decided to rent a car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. So just waiting for him to start the road trip. I got in about 2 hours before him.
We had never drove up Hwy 1. It was amazingly beautiful. We stopped to take pictures, there were so many places to stop along the way it would have taken us all day. So we just enjoyed the view on the way up to Santa Barbara. I kept missing it, but the spray was coming up over the rocks in the background, it was awesome.
FIESTA! Yup they still make Ford Fiestas, so funny! That day Jeremy had to be to the airport at 5:45 a.m. and I woke up at 5:15 for my early flight so we kept saying we need to take a siesta in the Fiesta!
It took us about 2 hours to get to Stearn Wharf in Santa Barbara. There were tons of sail boats parked in the marina, they looked so cool all lined up. So Coastal.Santa Barbara Harbor
Exploring the pier. At the end of the pier there was no railing at all. Glad we didn't have the kids with us, how scary.
Stearns Wharf had cute little shops on it and restaurants. We loved the view in Santa Barbara, palm trees, mountains and beach. Beautiful.
Checking in with the kids. Ellie telling me all the fun things Aunt Kat took her to do. {Thanks Kat!} Jeremy with the ocean and wharf behind him.
On their State Street we ate appetizers at this cute little open air restaurant. Then went across the street to a Fish and Chips place {very good and authentic} We are big foodies, we both love to find "hole-in-the-wall places" or go to some place we have seen featured on Food Network. I like the plan trips around visiting these places.
We had seen this place when we were driving up the coast, so when we headed back down we stopped. There were lots of people surfing and kite surfing.
The only pic of the both of us. I loved the big rocks in the background.
Ahhhhh! Having my toes in the sand felt so nice.
The coast was so diverse and changed as we drove up North. I loved this part with all the rocks. The breeze and ocean air felt so good. I could have stayed forever.
So picturesque. Jeremy kept telling me to climb out onto the far rock {not pictured} to be a mermaid. Um I think not, and it was cold I don't know how they were surfing in it.
He is probably scoping out the rock for me to climb on.
It was a LONG day, and we were starving. We hit Philippes in LA for the "original" french-dipped sandwiches. I have wanted to go here for a while now. Philippe's famous french-dipped sandwich. We had ours "double-dipped", that means they dip both buns, not just the top bun in the au-jus. Thank goodness I watch lots of Food Network and the Travel Channel so I sounded like a Philippe's professional when I ordered for us. The chili was awesome too, and while in line we made lots of friends who told us get the cole slaw, and it was also good.
We got there late around 9 p.m. it was still bustling with people. I can't imagine the lunch crowd.
It was delicious. Jeremy said next time he is getting his sandwich triple dipped. Getting a little crazy now! I really wish I could do these overnights with Jeremy more often. But with kids and work it doesn't happen as often as I would like. Now after driving up as much of the coast as we did, we really want to start more in Northern Cali and start from there. Jeremy is so good about finding where to go and see. He was our personal travel agent for Cancun too, so he had found out about the warf in Santa Barbara. We have so much fun together, and it was nice to be able to stop where ever we wanted along the way. Next time we'll try not to start with more sleep before. We seem to always do these things when we have early mornings with no sleep. But the excitement of being in Cali overcame the tiredness. Now for the unglamorous part, I got up and left the hotel by 8:30 to return the rental car and get to the airport for my 10:20 flight. Since all the rental cars are off site in LAX, I wasn't sure how long it would take me. Of course, I was through security by 9 a.m. After a bit the flight gets delayed to 1:27 p.m, then pushed to 3:09 p.m. Wonderful. I could have stayed with Jer at the hotel. I left early so Katelyn wouldn't have the girls a whole day longer. LAX was a mess everything was delayed. I ended up getting on the 11:45 flight by a miracle, which didn't even leave to 1:30 p.m. They moved people to other flights to get their connections. That opened up seats, I even got First Class! It was amazing, I felt so spoiled. That made it worth it after sitting in the airport for close to 6 hours. Jeremy came with me for a bit, and I bought a new book which so far has been really, really good. Oh the fun times of flying standby, but I can't complain it lets me do amazing little trips with my husband. Next time I will just get up and be on the 7 a.m. flight that is always wide open.