Monday, June 20, 2011

One week in Paradise!

Leaving on a jet plane!.....
to a tropical paradise!
We stayed at The Grand Sunset Princess Resort. Upon arrival we got cold towels and champagne.
A toast to a week with no kids in a tropical paradise.
Some shots from around the resort. Which was amazing! The grounds were beautiful.
In the upper lounge/check in area
Down the center path of the resort
As soon as we could get to our rooms we changed and hit the beach! Joe, Jess, Krista and Jason were already there, they arrived the day before us.
Our suite! We booked the Platinum level, so for everything we did, we got platinum service and amenities.
I loved the modern room, it is one reason we chose this resort.
Jacuzzi tub on the balcony facing the ocean {not sure why I have Egyptian hands in these}
Our 2nd night there heading to dinner at La Hacienda {mexican themed restaurant}
Ya just gotta, I mean we're in Mexico!
Those hats were heavy!
Dinner was really good, it was so hot inside, not sure why it was so hot.
The night the spoon measurements started, we took more spoon to finger pictures I don't even want to admit.
La Hacienda was a hit The whole group Joe look up!
After dinner, now let's hit the beach and cool off
We spent many nights on the beach listening to the waves crash and sit on the beach chairs. Not sure why, but we started these "jumping" pictures we were laughing so hard!
Krista's Miss America hair
Look how much air Jer caught! Impressive!
Wednesday we went to Xplor. It is an adventure park. We went down 14 ziplines, some through waterfalls. You got to drive ATV's, then they had huge under ground cenotes {caves} you can swim through or raft down.
Going over the suspension bridge. Most our pics are on the underwater disposable camera this day.
Courtney and Brinna. Lunch was included, and behind the girls is a hut where you can get drinks and milkshakes
Xplor was our favorite, the ziplines were a blast! Joelle hanging out at the Platinum Pool.
Dinner at Miso {tepanyaki style restaurant}
Spoon me!
Miso was by far our favorite restaurant, we got to eat there twice.
Sleeping before we even got to the first stop.
Thursday we had a private shuttle service all day. It took us from Tulum, Akumal Bay and 5th Ave for shopping.
Yes Jason, do you have a question?
First stop, Tulum. Tulum=Hot
Team Christensen
Yoe and Yessica
The Boges
If the camera could pick up how hot and humid it was here, we were melting.
I love this pic. The whole group, minus Jordan and Ben.
Tulum has the most beautiful beach and it was nice and cool up top from the breeze, thank goodness! Just a pile of rocks! {the people told us, no guide just a pile of rocks} so this was the joke of the day.
"come to me my jungle friends" Jason got deemed "Jason the white ghost fish whisperer"
The "kids"
El Burro Joe was our pack mule, poor guy.
We ate at Lol Ha restaurant in Akumal Bay. The food was amazing and the view even more amazing!
Pure Paradise!
We didn't want to leave Akumal Bay. We swam and snorkeled with the Sea Turtles, again those pics are on the under water disposable camera.
The "kids" tableThursday night dinner at La Vaqueria {the Steak house}
Just some shots of everyone relaxing by the pool and on the beach.
The walk down to the beach was beautiful.
Soaking up the sun as much as possible
Courtney! The little pint-sized princess.
Joelle. We all enjoyed the fresh guacamole and grill right on the beach.
We always take a pic in front of our room to remember the room # Room 4017
We had our own platinum area roped off on the beach.
Krista and Jason
You're a tiger!
The view right out of our room
Good-bye room 4017 We will miss you!
Exploring the grounds some more before
we left on Saturday. Our very last picture at the resort. Good-bye amazing resort and fab vacation! Ahhhh, hard to believe our vacation is already over. All the months of planning, getting excited, and counting down, then of course it goes way too fast. We had the most amazing week in pure paradise staying at The Grand Sunset Princess Resort in Playa Del Carmen. We flew into Cancun and were at our resort 3o minutes later. Going platinum is the only way to go. The resort was amazing. We enjoyed ordering room service 24/7. I actually thought we would relax a little more than we did, but we were all too excited to be in this amazing place to sit in the room. We did Xplor adventure park, which I highly recommend. Toured Tulum, Akumal Bay and shopped on 5th Ave. Akumal Bay was from a magazine, it was so beautiful. We enjoyed some amazing restaurants, and sitting on the beach at nights listening to the waves. I know it is never enough time, but one more day would have been perfect. We are all talking about the next trip down there. I hope it is soon!

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JoElle said...

Who knows when we'll get a vacation alone without kids. I'd love to take Randy to Mexico. I loved it down there.