Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look whoooo's one!

Emery's first Birthday Party!
"Happy tu-tu"
Elliette's owl shirt
Owl smash cake
Starting to get the table all ready
The pinata
The famous "angry bird" cake I should have taken a picture of before it was fixed it had angry eyelashes.
The Birthday girl and Mommy
Whoooo's ready for a party?!?
The four of us
Jason & Krista
Jess & Joe Aunt Kat
All the kids lined up to hit the pinata
Taking turns to hit it
Ellie's turn
All the kids got tons of loot....including Jim-Jim!
All the kids with their glasses
Ellie didn't take her glasses off
Present time!
Present opening was pure chaos
What a hoot!
YEAH! A wagon from Nanny! {Ellie is a little excited for this one too}
Emery's bracelet from Mom and Dad
Smash cake time!
This is FUN!
Our little baby girl
Get it girl!
Really getting into it now.
A gift to the girls from Emery an owl necklace
Opening presents was beyond crazy, I let all the bigger kids help open them. So when we got home we laid them out so she could see what she got. Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you so much! We just celebrated Emery's first Birthday yesterday. Today is her actual Birthday. Yesterday was sort of crazy, we were supposed to have great weather, 85 degrees. That turned out not to be the case, in the early afternoon it got really windy and yucky. We decided to move the party to my parents' house. They have a covered patio, and do not get the wind like we do over here. So that was really fun moving EVERYTHING over, but it all worked out good. My Mom was landing from Seattle that night and didn't make the party :( Once we got everything set up the weather totally parted and the sun started to shine, the wind died down, and it ended up being really nice. Emery loved being with all the kids, and smashing into her cake. She had no idea what was going on, but she had fun. The kids had fun hitting the pinata! Emery had a hoot! :) It is hard to believe that a year ago today at 1:27 p.m. we got the gift of our little baby Emery! Also hard to think a whole year has gone by. She may not have made a wish blowing out her candles, but I did, I wish for time to go by slower!

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Shaun and April said...

VERY impressed! Next party I have, you will be the party planner!