Monday, June 27, 2011

A little piece of summer

{This week was jam-packed full
of fun things we did with the kids}
At GG's for a BBQ for her 74th Bday!
Kind of blurry, but that is a HUGE marshmallow Emery is eating.
Elliette's first time roasting marshmallows.
Spanish Fork Splash Pad
Little Crew
Addy, Ellie and Ava {quite the trio}
Emery getting ready for a day out with Mom, Jess and Crew
Ellie and Addy went to Princess Camp on Friday from 10-1 at the Jordans. {Jess and I may have been more excited than the girls!}
The little princesses! They decorated cupcakes, crowns and bags. Got their hair in up-do's, nails done, toes done and searched for treasure.
Payson Pool This was the first time we have gone to the Payson Pool, we loved it! We'll be back for sure.
Emery and Aunt Kat Ellie ready to GO!! We literally decided at 9 p.m. to "camp" in the backyard
Getting all ready.
After we went for a walk with the girls in the wagon, we asked Ellie "do you want to camp in the tent tonight" she got so excited. We went home and had things set up 45 minutes later.
A real camp fire and everything
The girls were soooo excited! They were jumping all over the blowup mattress.
We popped popcorn and watched a movie in the tent.
Hiking up to the Grotto up Payson Canyon {I didn't get to the gym today, but I got my workout in carrying this one}
Lots of fun bridges to cross walking up there
At the top at the waterfall Jer, Emery, Ellie, Me, Cousin Ryah.
The hike was really easy. The water was nice and cold, all the girls loved playing in it.
Ryah's big walking stick and Ellie's little baby walking stick :)
Emery was practically jumping out to play in the water.
She just waned to jump right in, she kept pointing at the water. Thank goodness we have done lots of fun things this week, after getting home from a fantastic vacation I was feeling down. All the planning and being excited then it is over in a blink. I think the highlight of the week was "camping" close to home...real close, in the backyard. We really decided very last minute to put the tent up, start a fire and sleep outside. The girls both got so excited once we started setting the tent up. Emery slept inside, we kept the monitor on and kept checking on her. Being able to go inside use the bathroom, pop popcorn and run inside for extra pillows was perfect. Just a trial run to see how real camping would go. I think we will wait until next summer when Emery is a little older. We are enjoying the hot summer days and cool summer nights. It has been beautiful. Can't wait for more fun activities!


Katelyn said...

Holy Crap you did have a jam packed weekend.. WHY didnt I know about Gmas Birthday???? when was it??

Ashley Bogard said...

I think you were driving from Cali. Lots more fun things to do. You need to not work :)

JoElle said...

Why is it I've never been to the Grotto? It's not until you move away do you realize all you didn't do.