Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day and Birthday

Mother's Day 2011 Elliette and Jeremy woke me up with cards, and gifts
I am the luckiest Mom on the planet, I get to be Mom to these beauties.
So thankful to be a Mom.
Thanks Jeremy for making my day so special,
The sweetest baby girl
Seriously I am so blessed . Being a Mom is the best gift I could ever want.
Now onto birthday festivities the girls helping me unwrap a present, YEAH a cupcake tower.
Jeremy and I celebrated on Monday since he would be flying. When I got home he and Ellie surprised me with gifts and cards.
We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill, then I showed Jer The Provo Beach that I had taken the girls too. We played skee ball and got prizes.
We had fun walking around to all the stores at Shops of the Riverwoods. Gumball anyone?
Walking around outside. Next we went to get dessert at The Chocolate.
On my actual Birthday I was shocked to get roses delivered from my sweet hubby at work. They are gorgeous! The girls at work got me cupcakes too, so lots of treats!
SNOWCONES! Can you believe they opened my favorite snow shack on my Birthday! It was fate.
Perfect way to finish the perfect day. Really, really sad to see my Birthday week ending. I had a full week of fun. Mother's Day this year was amazing being a Mom of two. I feel so blessed to have the two most amazing girls in the whole world. Elliette is the best girl, she makes us laugh every day. Emery is the best baby you could ever want. Both are such happy girls. On Mother's Day I loved getting to do what ever I wanted to do. Jeremy didn't even complain when I wanted to stop and take pictures. He made my Mother's Day perfect and I was so surprised to have flowers delivered at work. I don't think I have ever had flowers sent to me at work, so that was amazing.


Shelly said...

Looking skinny!

Ashley Bogard said...

haha! Trying to take after your skinny butt!