Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birthday-ish Weekend

Catching a wave! It is not actually my Birthday until next Thur, but since I was not working Friday I called Jess to see if she wanted to check out this new Provo Beach place, let the kids run around. Then grab lunch.
Inside they have a flow rider the girls liked watching the boys surf.
What we were waiting for, the carousel!
Even Emery was excited.
Jess and Crew
Of course Addy chose the ape and not a pony on the carousel
Little Crew
Eme wasn't quite sure what to think.
"I can't like Elephant" I wanted a pic of Ellie on the elephant, but it was obviously too tall. How did I not know that would bring on the water works. She even told me that night "I can't ride elephant, too tall"
Next onto the little kids area where they all could run wild we even blocked the entrance so no one could escape. Yes we were almost the only ones in the whole place.
Ellie wasn't quite strong enough to get the balls in the holes, so her turn lasted forever.
Jess and I had just as much fun as the girls playing too.
After the Provo Beach and lunch I met Kat, Mom, Melissa and Asher at Thanksgiving Point for the annual Tulip Festival.They have these amazing varieties of tulips, yes this is a tulip.
Emery by the waterfall.
Me and my sweet little girl.
Nanny, Eme and some amazing tulips. Don't you love the purple, orange and white?
Nerds!We'll come pick them up when full grown
With both my little sweet hearts. Are the grounds not amazing?
Nanny and the girls.
Stopping to smell the flowers.
Hi Melissa! (M.I.A is Asher, aka Mr. Thanksgiving Point)
More amazing flowers.
Asher and Elliette
Asher not quite as excited to be holding hands as Ellie was.
Kat sitting on a really tall wall. It really was a far fall behind her, but she said anything for a good picture. We are intense extreme photographers.
Tulip Festival 2011 I dubbed this weekend my birthday weekend, just a little early. Friday was so much fun, the Provo Beach with Jess, Addy and Crew. Followed by lunch at the mall. Then meeting Katelyn, Mom, Melissa and Asher at Thanksgiving Point on the MOST perfect day of the year, to see the annual Tulip Festival. Really the weather was amazing. Jeremy's Mom would say "A Chamber of Commerce Day." Actually Linda would have LOVED this as much as I did. It was Kat's and Mom's first time going so that was fun. Melissa and Asher have annual passes so Asher really is Mr. TP {Thanksgiving Point} That was all just Friday. Then Saturday we went to Andrew's baptism, followed by yummy food at GG's and lots of family. We all went and changed and got lunch, watched the Provo River roaring by. It is SUPER high right now. Then Jeremy took me shopping for our up coming trip to Cancun. And I found several things, so I am even more excited to go now. After we grilled and spent time outside. And I still have Mother's Day tomorrow to spend with everyone. This really is the best Birthday Weekend ever. I don't want it to end!

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Malc Ross said...

What a great day out! I bet the girls had an awsome time, it sure looks like it.
A birthday weekend, love it.


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