Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our crazy wedding weekend

Arriving at Tampa airport
Aunt Donna brought Christmas over all pink airplane themed
Rehearsal at the Florida Aquarium
We took this outside our hotel, which was amazing! Beautiful and the views were to die for Tampa Channel side Marriott
After the rehearsal we had the rehearsal dinner at an amazing restaurant inside the hotel. The bartender wanted to make me a cute pink drink, so naturally a cosmo. I took one sip and about passed out. {I stuck to the Cherry Cokes}
Me and the groom to be
Jeremy and Chuck
The boys
Emery excited to be off the airplane and going to the pool
Bring on the sunshine and pool
All the kids were excited to go swimming
The girls and Daddy. the water was cold!
1st time in the pool
Bathing suit beauty
Eme loving being outside
Jeremy and Bob on our balcony, seriously the views were amazing! We needed 2 huge pizzas delivered to the room after a long afternoon swimming.
Croix, Ellie and Cooper all the kids were excited to ride the trolley to drop me off at the wedding
Pre-wedding photo op
Not sure why we were not the penguin or shark table :)
Me and the hubby at the wedding he looks good all dressed up in his tux!
Jer and Steve
The happy couple!
Congrats Chuck and Jenny! After a whirlwind two and a half days in Illinois we flew into Tampa Friday mid morning for Chuck and Jenny's wedding. We were supposed to fly in on Wednesday and spend the week then fly home Monday after the wedding and Easter. But due to the funeral we had a few changes in plans. We literally got into town in enough time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. The wedding was held at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. It was so much fun to see all Jeremy's friends, and the food was beyond delicious. The next day we had fun swimming and then pigging out in our room. They had a trolley just for wedding guests to and from the hotel to the aquarium, so Bob and Donna and ALL the kids got to ride with me down the the wedding. The kids sat so cute all on one bench and loved riding the trolley. We had a blast at the wedding, it was beautiful. Lots of us, including the bride and groom went out dancing after {like we hadn't done enough dancing already} Needless to say we got in really early in the morning and then up with kids early. Not quite as we had in mind, but oh well still worth it. We thought we might fly out Sunday, but flights didn't look good. So we found a fun place to eat, right on the water. We ate outside and tried to soak up all the sun we could. My camera got knocked off the table several times during the night before and stopped working. I took more pictures but can't get them to load :( I have more camera issues I swear. So no pictures on the beach or at lunch. Or even the rest of the wedding. We got home Monday and were up at 2:15 a.m. Utah time for a real early flight. It was just the most emotional, stressful, fun weekend. If you can have all that in one weekend. We never stayed in one place 2 nights in a row, so lots up packing up, NO sleep, and I am not even kidding on that one. So I couldn't wait to get home. {I have to pay tribute to Bob and Donna, they were always going to come over and get a room in the hotel with us to let the kids play and swim. Jeremy's Mom was going to have them for the dinner and all night for the wedding, since she and all Jeremy's family was still in Illinois for the wedding, Bob and Donna watched the girls both nights!!! Took them all around channel side by the hotel, got ice cream, and put them to bed, both nights. Are they not the most amazing friends ever! Who really wants to do that? Watch other peoples' kids for 2 nights. Thanks guys we owe you so much! We could not have done it without you!!!!}

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Shelly said...

I love all the pictures! And you are a party animal! Isn't it fun to do stuff you don't normally do? I'm jealous of all your little trips!! :)