Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elliette's first haircut

Elliette's hair pre-haircut
She was excited the salon had popcorn and snacks
Treece saves the day and whips out the cute cape
snip, snip, snip
Being such a good girl {love her face here}
She really got into the whole pampering thing
Just about her "I'm out of patience point"
Post haircut I have wanted to cut or trim, Elliette's hair for a little bit now. I finally got the courage to take her. I told Treece I hope she doesn't embarrass me, you know the kicking, screaming, crying, hair sticking to the snot running down her face kind of embarrassing. She loved getting a treat before the haircut. She did not want to get in the chair at first, I thought she may have to sit on my lap. But then Treece whipped out the kid cape and that is all she needed. Not sure why this worked, but I guess mildly ugly animals will do the trick. She sat very still, and was smiling. She actually let her comb it all out. She never lets me do that, I have to chase her with the detangling spray and get one or two swipes with a brush. She never wants me to do a cute hair style, she just says "No I flower" she just wants me to simply clip a flower in and we're done. No tugging, combing or pulling allowed. We only took about an inch off, and added some baby layers, but it looks darling! Thanks Treece!

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Jess and Joe said...

Oh!!! It looks so cute!! She is being so good! I have always loved her hair, it is so pretty, long & thick! So glad you didn't cut it all off!! Love Treece, she is the BEST!!