Friday, March 18, 2011

Eat your greens, Second Annual

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Luck of the Irish Cupcakes
mmmmm cupcakes!
Even Emery ate her greens
Fried pickles! this is what inspired the green dinner last year
The whole gang
Ryah and Ellie
Kat and Candice enjoying their green dinner
Crew really liking the green cupcakes! Joe was working late and Jess didn't have any plans to eat "green" so they got to join our festivities
I guess poptart stories are really funny! {in the corner is the green cheese dip Jess brought}
Lush, haha
This year's green feast. This is our 2nd annual all green dinner to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This year was lots of fun and lots of GREEN food. Even things, like cheese dip, that are not supposed to be green were tinted green for the dinner. We were talking we need to pick days to eat different colored food theme nights. It is fun to pick one color and try to come up with different foods in that color. The kids loved eating the cupcakes and Elliette loved making them {below} Thanks to everyone who brought a green dish! Can't wait until next year. Helping Mom make cupcakes The best part, licking the beaters

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elliette's first haircut

Elliette's hair pre-haircut
She was excited the salon had popcorn and snacks
Treece saves the day and whips out the cute cape
snip, snip, snip
Being such a good girl {love her face here}
She really got into the whole pampering thing
Just about her "I'm out of patience point"
Post haircut I have wanted to cut or trim, Elliette's hair for a little bit now. I finally got the courage to take her. I told Treece I hope she doesn't embarrass me, you know the kicking, screaming, crying, hair sticking to the snot running down her face kind of embarrassing. She loved getting a treat before the haircut. She did not want to get in the chair at first, I thought she may have to sit on my lap. But then Treece whipped out the kid cape and that is all she needed. Not sure why this worked, but I guess mildly ugly animals will do the trick. She sat very still, and was smiling. She actually let her comb it all out. She never lets me do that, I have to chase her with the detangling spray and get one or two swipes with a brush. She never wants me to do a cute hair style, she just says "No I flower" she just wants me to simply clip a flower in and we're done. No tugging, combing or pulling allowed. We only took about an inch off, and added some baby layers, but it looks darling! Thanks Treece!