Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma's visit

ummm you got a little something on your face! Grandma Linda enjoying both the girls
Elliette and Grandma out to lunch
You can't go to the mall without riding the train
Jeremy, Emery, Grandma Linda
Eating yummy treats at The Chocolate
@ The Chocolate in Orem
Cute jammies Grandma bought Eme Grandma Linda has been out to visit over Valentines the past few years, this year she flew in on the 15th, but we were still able to celebrate with her. Her trips always involve eating yummy places, cooking Jeremy's favorite meal {her fried chicken}, and lots of shopping. Unfortunately our shopping trip this time was during a snowstorm. But that didn't hinder our shopping! We love when she comes to visit and are always sad when she leaves. While she was here Emery learned to wave "HI" and I think it is her first word too. We have heard her say it several times. It is the cutest thing to see her tiny hand wave at you. While she was here she also helped watch the girls. Jeremy and I were able to go to the gym together since she had them. We joined Anytime Fitness and have LOVED it so far. So thanks for the nice visit, come back soon!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our day of love

Pink heart pancakes
Valentines sugar cookie someone is excited!!
Okay she really didn't get that much, it just looks like she did.
Valentines 2011
I heart you!
Little treats and toys for the girls
XOXO Carebears movie
Elliette wrote a cute Valentines card for Daddy
So happy to give her cardAll my loves!! Jeremy, Emery, Ellie
Thanks Daddy for Nothing Bundt Cakes Red Velvet....yum!
Not quite sure what Valentines Day is, but excited to get treats I love celebrating loving my girls and husband, but maybe Jeremy is starting to rub off on me, I have to agree a little bit Valentines is kind of a dumb holiday. But needless to say we still had a fun day. Elliette had fun decorating a big card for Daddy. She was sooooo excited to give it to him. She was even more excited when he brought us home our favorite bundt cakes. That night we cooked tilapia and a spinach salad then went walking/jogging at the track. I think we will start to think of Valentines as" keep our heart healthy day". Valentines is about hearts so this seems fitting. We have vowed to keep our hearts healthy, especially after my Dad's heart attack. Let me tell you there was hardly a soul at the track on Valentines. :)