Saturday, January 15, 2011


I found these frames and thought they were so cute....hmmm what to do with them?
Spray paint them and make a cute Valentine's craft
Seriously look how many we made!
That is cute just like this! {I am actually going to get more to do some like this, maybe put "E's" in them for the girls' names}
Crafty sisters
I am obsessed with ornate frames right now.
Project in progress. Glitter paint to make our XOXO's
The finished project I have never really had that many Valentine's decorations. Mainly due to my husband thinking it is a "made up holiday", but I am loving all the shades of pink and red this year. Next year I am sure I will have some extra helping hands wanting to make decorations. Ellie loved playing with Ryah while we crafted. Emery is getting her two bottom teeth and was not sure happy, she did pretty well for not feeling good, as long as she was being held. Ryah and Ellie can make her giggle and keep her entertained. While making these we thought of lots more projects we want to do with them in all different colors. Guess I'll be up buying more frames on Monday.


Hill said...

They look cute. Where did you buy the frames?

Ashley Bogard said...

We bought them at Michaels, in the dollar section. :)

ramsam said...

Soo cute Ashley! you can make anything cute!

ALi said...

cute project! BTW thanks for the wingers recipe I am definitely going to have to give it a try once my bottle (I brought back from Utah) runs out! Hope all is going well.