Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Bogard Christmas!

These two girls were
on Santa's nice list this year.
Not sure about Emery's face here, haha!
They just LOVE to pose for pictures.
Our Christmas Eve appetizer feast
and hot chocolate bar.
{our Christmas Eve was Dec 22nd}
On Christmas Eve Mrs. Peeps
dropped off presents to the girls
along with a note telling them
how good they had been while she was here.
Daddy helping Emery open her gift.
Yeah, Christmas PJs!
Mrs. Peeps was so smart to bring them
before we went to see the lights.
Luckily for us right after Mrs. Peeps showed up
so did the Bills'. They were dropping off
home-made bread for Christmas
{which was delicious!}
So we talked them into staying and eating,
then driving around to see the Festival of Lights
in Spanish Fork.
Jess and I with our festive straws.
Merry Christmas Eve!
We'll see you tonight!
Ellie loved the "princess castle"
They lights were fun,
they add more every year so it doesn't feel
the exact same each year.
{Next onto our Christmas morning pics}
{Dec 23rd}
This picture says it all!
Pure Christmas morning excitement.
Opening stockings.
Jer and his very excited girls on Christmas morning.
Emery could open her own gifts this year.
They both had fun opening gifts,
and seeing what each other got.
This year was so fun with Ellie
because she fully understood what was going on.
Emery sitting on her big gift from
Grandma Linda.
When Donna called us on "Christmas"
she said "Merry Bogard Christmas"
so that stuck. Since we have to celebrate our
holidays when Jeremy is home we are used to having
holidays not on the actual day. And who
can complain having Christmas come early.
Jeremy and his new jacket.
Thanks Mama Jo for the new curling iron.
Ellie's doll house,
she literally played with it ALL DAY LONG!
Emery's new train from Grandma Linda.
BOTH girls have loved it.
Can't be Christmas without some tears.
The girls not wanting to share,
or Ellie thinking each toy was for her.
Hopefully this is a new Christmas morning tradition.
Making Santa pancakes.
Elliette and her pancake.
The chef.
These are sooooo easy, and stinkin cute!
Emery loved her's.
Everyone loved them, they were delicious!
Merry Christmas
This year we had our Christmas on Dec 23rd.
Due to Jeremy's flight schedule we usually have our Christmas on a different day other
than the actual Christmas. We don't mind, and the girls have no idea.
Plus with my family going away for our Christmas trips we move the holiday around
to accommodate. This year was like a whole Christmas weekend,
our Christmas Eve on Thursday our Christmas on Friday.
Then up to Park City on the actual Christmas Eve for all the festivities.
This year was so much fun with the girls, and Elliette actually understood what
was going on. She was so excited, but Christmas morning she was more worried
about Mrs. Peeps than if Santa had come or not. We had to wake Eme up. Once she was
woke up she had fun opening her own gifts and playing with each thing.
The Santa pancakes that Teresa showed me how to make were a hit.
And with Jessica's home-made raspberry jam, they were soooooo good!
We also did a whole Christmas dinner with ham and potatoes, we sat around in our
pajamas all day long, snacked, napped and played with new toys all day long.
I love my little family so much, I love making memories with them and new traditions.

A Very Merry Park City Christmas.

On December 24th
we headed up to Park City to meet
the family that was already there
for our annual Christmas trip.
{most of the cousins}
Us just getting there,
the kids were sooooo excited to be pool side.
We all had rooms that opened to the
pool and hot tub.
Our Christmas Eve dinner.
We spent lots of time hanging around
outside of our rooms.
Playing some game, that I am sure
they were making up the rules
as they went.
We all snacked, talked, played games and swam.
All the kids were little fish!
They never wanted out of the water.
Swimming on Christmas doesn't get better!
The girls loved having access to the fridge
that is just their size.
Getting ready to go down to the conference
room we had for our Christmas Eve
Katelyn and "Hef"
Oh the kids went crazy over
this year's outfits!
Buddy the Elf!
{every year the costume is different,
it is always fun to try and guess what it
will be, this year did not dissapoint}
Opening presents from our gift bags.
Me and the Elves
{Thanks Mom and Aunt Valyn!}
Some of the boys.
Really!!! In public!!! :)
Ellie loves going to hotels
"because they have little fridges like me"
she told me.
Enjoying a reindeer Coke in a vintage bottle.
Dashing through the snow!
On Christmas day we did a sleigh ride
from Deer Valley Resort.
All bundled up.
Really for December it wasn't that cold,
we thought we would go to Park City
for a "white Christmas"
but they didn't have snow either.
Ellie and Nanny.
{Ellie sang the whole time!}
Emery all bundled up.
Taking pics with our steed.
Candice and Sid.
Look at the horse looking at Ellie,
he must have liked her.
Christmas tree in the Stein Erikson Lodge.
They also had a real gingerbread house
they let the kids in, with a real
mini fireplace. Ellie and Eme loved it!
Emery and Sid
I need to ask for sure, but I think this is our 13th or 14th year going away for Christmas.
The trip is always over Christmas, we have gone so many fun places.
Next year I think we are doing Seattle and Canada again {my favorite trip so far}.
Jeremy left Saturday for a trip which was Christmas Eve,
so the girls and I headed up to Park City to join everyone who was already there.
We had a nice dinner, let the kids swim, went shopping at the outlets,
then got ready for the annual Christmas Eve "show" put on by my Mom and Aunt.
This year they were Buddy the Elf. It is always done to music, theatrical dancing and singing along with it. It is the highlight of the trip every year! The little kids get a kick out of it.
We had a conference room in the hotel and had TONS of food and snacks before hand.
My family is a riot so it is always good times.