Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why The Polar Express Of Course!!

We kicked off our "night of trains"
at the train restaurant
"home of the train"
They even have trains going around the ceiling
"All Aboard!"
Candice and Ryah Ry even got to get out of school for the surprise trip
Bradley, Valery and Brayden The girls minus Elliette
Excited to board
Jeremy is very excited!
Hot Chocolate "Never Ever Let It Cool"
Isn't this so cute Brad looking for Santa!
All cuddled up. we got to snack on cookies and hot cocoa
Mrs. Claus and the girls
The whole group!
On our way to the North Pole
Look what Santa gave me
Not wanting to get a picture with Santa
Brad and Brayden with Santa
Ellie thought it was very cool to get her ticket punched
The kiddos
Me with Ellie, she was just about done at this point
Bye-Bye Polar Express We surprised all the kids and took them on the "Polar Express" to the North Pole. None of the kids knew we were going. Ryah was very excited when her Mom got her out of school early. We started the night by going to Dairy Keen to keep the whole night Train themed. They loved the trains going around the restaurant. We got to see Mrs. Claus and Santa. We were served cookies and hot chocolate. We slipped Santa some bells that we bought in the gift shop to give to the kids when he came around. Just like on the movie, and one actually didn't ring. It really didn't have anything in it, also like in the movie. So my sad story about Ellie, she was not feeling well that night. She woke up the morning after Thanksgiving with a little sore on her chin, then it just got worse and moved to her lips and tongue. After a little Webmd, and a call to the dentist on Monday, she has cold sores :( What? You also thought kids that young couldn't get cold sores, me too. But they can, the Dr. also said sometimes kids get them down their throat. The first ones are always the worst. So she can't really eat or drink. She was eating at the restaurant and crying. It has not been a fun few days. We have some RX Magic Mouthwash that has numbing in it, but we have to hold her down to get it on her mouth. We really have to watch her so she doesn't get dehydrated. Poor thing, those cold sores are so painful! Yuck! I feel so bad for her, she is miserable. So she really was a trooper that night, but did not feel well at all.

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Christensen's said...

The polar express looks like it was so fun. I hope that Ellie is feeling better it has to be so miserable having cold sores in your mouth.