Saturday, November 6, 2010

One week goes too fast

Leavin on a jet plane
At the Detroit airport
The girls wore their airplane shirts and looked so cute One of the first things we did was go to a Fall Festival at the boys' school it had bounce houses and fun games This is Croix and Ellie.....isn't that so cute!
ahhhhh getting to eat outside in October almost November sooooo nice
@ The Golden Lion in Flagler
The lunch crowd
Jeremy and his girls
The kids loved playing and running around
Donna and Emery
Bob brought a kite and flew it Can I tell you how fun it was to be walking on the beach
Eme's first time at the beach
Me and Emery
The whole group
All of us
We have started taking a picture in the same place every time we go to Boondocks our favorite place to eat on the water
Donna with her parents Barbara and Richard We LOVE her parents we have grafted ourselves into their family
This is Donn'a family's tradition to have Jack-O-Burgers before trick-or-treating Ellie having her first one ever
Getting ready to leave the house to start the trick-or-treating
"aarrrggghhh" Bob and the boysEmery was Tinkerbell
All 3 dressed up as pirates
We took the kids around in the wagon Elliette especially loved it
Florida has the BEST traditions for trick-or-treating all the adults come to the end of their drive ways and pass out candy. Several families will all be in one drive way, so you can hit several houses at once. The kids hardly had to get out of the wagon at all
Happy Halloween!
Cooper, Donna, Bob and Croix
Before leaving the house for dinnerAunt Donna with Emery
The whole gang! We always meet for dinner with everyone when we come into town.
Tonya, Madison, Me and Eme
The B&D
ALL the girls. xoxo! The twins were not there but we are now officially out numbered by the kids with the new addition of Lauren.
Getting the swing before we had to leave
Minnie Mouse
We really wanted to go to Disney this time but with my foot surgery I just can't walk that much yet. So we visited Downtown Disney instead
Shaelyn and her new baby brother Braden
Since Joelle had a C-section we were able to plan our trip around her having our new nephew Braden Joelle and Eme We were all so excited to see Joelle and Braden while we were there
All the kids at our Thanksgiving dinner Since we never get to go over the Holidays we celebrate early
Licking the icing spoons
Cooking with Grandma!
Grandma Linda with Emery
Grandma's newest additions Braden 4 days old Emery 5 months old Braden is soooo cute and just tiny!
YEAH back home in Utah! One week really does go way too fast. We just had the most fun trip to Florida. I am just a tiny bit tempted to move back. We just have so much fun with family and friends while there. Elliette and the twins got along so good. Ellie kept saying the WHOLE trip "I need Kooker's house" Kooker for Cooper. She said it first thing this morning too. Getting into Orlando this time was crazy. We got there the same day we left but it was so busy, we think the shuttle launch. We had to connect through Detroit, which is actually a really nice airport and has things for the kids to see. We got to go Trick-or-Treating while there. We may have to make this a yearly tradition to go down in Florida. It is so nice, it's not cold and snowy. The neighborhoods do the neatest things, they all decorate golf carts and ride on them, or hay rides. Then the adults sit in the drive ways so you don't have to go to the doors. It was awesome, Ellie loved it. One of the highlights was seeing Braden. Joelle just gave birth on Monday the 1st, so we got to see him, he is so tiny and cute! Elliette loved playing with Shaelyn and cooking with Grandma. It's lots of work traveling with 2 kids and packing carseats with you, but it is so worth it! I miss everyone so much already!!!

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