Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Let the Christmas festivities begin!
Setting up our Christmas tree Yes, already!
Elliette helping decorate the girls' own pink and purple tree
Ellie helped a little she mainly wanted to watch Choo-Choo" {The Polar Express}
Her tree all done
Cousin Ryah and Emery by the small tree I know I am a little crazy this year setting up the trees already. But Jeremy will be flying over Thanksgiving and the days following, so while he was home I enlisted his help with all the boxes. And now both our trees are up and lit. I love it! Elliette has discovered Polar Express, and is officially obsessed. She wants to watch it all day, she says "oh no get his ticket" and "oh no boy get on a choo-choo, hurry!" We actually got tickets to take her on the Heber Creeper's version of Polar Express, it is a 90 minute train ride and they serve cookies and hot chocolate. She has no idea and will be so surprised. I can't wait to take her on it, she is way into trains right now.

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