Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why The Polar Express Of Course!!

We kicked off our "night of trains"
at the train restaurant
"home of the train"
They even have trains going around the ceiling
"All Aboard!"
Candice and Ryah Ry even got to get out of school for the surprise trip
Bradley, Valery and Brayden The girls minus Elliette
Excited to board
Jeremy is very excited!
Hot Chocolate "Never Ever Let It Cool"
Isn't this so cute Brad looking for Santa!
All cuddled up. we got to snack on cookies and hot cocoa
Mrs. Claus and the girls
The whole group!
On our way to the North Pole
Look what Santa gave me
Not wanting to get a picture with Santa
Brad and Brayden with Santa
Ellie thought it was very cool to get her ticket punched
The kiddos
Me with Ellie, she was just about done at this point
Bye-Bye Polar Express We surprised all the kids and took them on the "Polar Express" to the North Pole. None of the kids knew we were going. Ryah was very excited when her Mom got her out of school early. We started the night by going to Dairy Keen to keep the whole night Train themed. They loved the trains going around the restaurant. We got to see Mrs. Claus and Santa. We were served cookies and hot chocolate. We slipped Santa some bells that we bought in the gift shop to give to the kids when he came around. Just like on the movie, and one actually didn't ring. It really didn't have anything in it, also like in the movie. So my sad story about Ellie, she was not feeling well that night. She woke up the morning after Thanksgiving with a little sore on her chin, then it just got worse and moved to her lips and tongue. After a little Webmd, and a call to the dentist on Monday, she has cold sores :( What? You also thought kids that young couldn't get cold sores, me too. But they can, the Dr. also said sometimes kids get them down their throat. The first ones are always the worst. So she can't really eat or drink. She was eating at the restaurant and crying. It has not been a fun few days. We have some RX Magic Mouthwash that has numbing in it, but we have to hold her down to get it on her mouth. We really have to watch her so she doesn't get dehydrated. Poor thing, those cold sores are so painful! Yuck! I feel so bad for her, she is miserable. So she really was a trooper that night, but did not feel well at all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Photos

Emery Alexa
Elliette Avarie My bestest friend Whitney just finished our family photos, and they turned out sooooo cute! I am loving them. I am not going to post anymore until we send out Christmas cards so they are a surprise. Ellie was such a stinker when we were taking them, really! I didn't think Whit would get even one good photo. She worked her magic and actually got some. We wanted to just have the girls' pictures done this year, but we actually got in a few because it was the only way Ellie would have her picture taken if Jeremy was holding her. Thanks Whit for capturing photos that we will cherish forever!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving at GG's

Grandma Ruth on Thanksgiving Day all ready to make homemade rolls
Shelly and Ellie at the snack table
Elliette and Bradley last year Thanksgiving 2009
...and now this year Brad looks so excited to follow Ellie around
Some potatoes baby girl?
Candice and Jim-Jim first shot and his eyes were actually open for once!
This year's creation "Sparkling Raspberry fifi" it actually sparkled!
Mom and I
After Thanksgiving crafts for the kids
I brought this little turkey project that you do with dried beans, etc and make a turkey Ellie's was a massive pile, this is just the beginning of how many beans she put on her turkey
All the little turkeys!
Little turkey! My little happy Emery
and now a sleepover at Nanny's so Mom can go out with all the crazies on Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have so much to be thankful for, and this year was an almost perfect Thanksgiving Day {perfect would have been if Jeremy was home.} We started out watching the parade on TV, went early to GG's house with two appetizers in hand. We all stand around and snack while the finishing touches are put on dinner. One of my favorite parts is all spreading out pouring over the ads trying to make a plan of attack for shopping the next day. In this year's case the same day. It just keeps getting earlier and earlier. There were so many people out, I think because it was easier just to stay up instead of having to set your alarm for real early. It was the most insane I have ever seen it in all the years I have gone. I actually came home and got online and got most the deals I wanted. But to add to the craziness I went out with my Mom in the morning...again! I know crazy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gobble 'til you wobble

Our pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner
The spread
Little Eme Lou's Thanksgiving dinner organic sweet potatoes.... from a jar
Ellie was excited to get an "adult" cup for her sparkling apple cider. She kept wanting to cling glasses and saying "Cheers" We just finished out own little Thanksgiving dinner. We decided to do ours tonight so Jeremy could take leftovers while flying. I always do a turkey breast so we have some for sandwiches, etc. I now have some Bogard family recipes that I love, like homemade stuffing, and sweet potato souffle, both delicious! We are hunkering down inside for the "storm of 2010", really that is what they are calling it on tv. We'll see how tomorrow morning looks. I loved celebrating Thanksgiving with my family of 4, we have so much to be thankful for. We truly acknowledge every blessing we have, not a day goes by that I don't feel blessed for all the good in my life. Especially my wonderful husband and beautiful girls. Now to get in pajamas and eat pumpkin pie in bed! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Let the Christmas festivities begin!
Setting up our Christmas tree Yes, already!
Elliette helping decorate the girls' own pink and purple tree
Ellie helped a little she mainly wanted to watch Choo-Choo" {The Polar Express}
Her tree all done
Cousin Ryah and Emery by the small tree I know I am a little crazy this year setting up the trees already. But Jeremy will be flying over Thanksgiving and the days following, so while he was home I enlisted his help with all the boxes. And now both our trees are up and lit. I love it! Elliette has discovered Polar Express, and is officially obsessed. She wants to watch it all day, she says "oh no get his ticket" and "oh no boy get on a choo-choo, hurry!" We actually got tickets to take her on the Heber Creeper's version of Polar Express, it is a 90 minute train ride and they serve cookies and hot chocolate. She has no idea and will be so surprised. I can't wait to take her on it, she is way into trains right now.