Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pixies and Pirates

Halloween/fall pendant
Katelyn and I made these cute fall pendants Seriously it is one of the only fall things I have up this year just with my surgery and Florida I am just spent this year
Elliette she is a pirate girl this year Halloween week 2010 Just a little comparison of the girls I know how sad to be the 2nd child and having to wear hand-me-downs
Trick or treating at Primrose Katelyn, Ellie, Nanny and Emery
My little Tinkerbell
Me and Eme
Ellie showing her loot
Ryah and Ellie Thanks to some help from Katelyn I ave been a little crafty this fall. I just have not been into it with my foot surgery and not wanting to haul my boxes up, oh well next year. I did take the girls to a local trick or treating thing. Ellie kept saying on the way over, "I trick-or-treat, candy" she was putting granola bars in her bag before we left the house. Which would have been better than candy she ate before we even got home. She has such a sweet tooth, she gets it from Jeremy, I don't love sweets, I am more a dip kind of girl. It is fun since Ellie seems to get the concept a little more this year. But I am not kidding we are going to have to hide all her candy!

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