Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pixies and Pirates

Halloween/fall pendant
Katelyn and I made these cute fall pendants Seriously it is one of the only fall things I have up this year just with my surgery and Florida I am just spent this year
Elliette she is a pirate girl this year Halloween week 2010 Just a little comparison of the girls I know how sad to be the 2nd child and having to wear hand-me-downs
Trick or treating at Primrose Katelyn, Ellie, Nanny and Emery
My little Tinkerbell
Me and Eme
Ellie showing her loot
Ryah and Ellie Thanks to some help from Katelyn I ave been a little crafty this fall. I just have not been into it with my foot surgery and not wanting to haul my boxes up, oh well next year. I did take the girls to a local trick or treating thing. Ellie kept saying on the way over, "I trick-or-treat, candy" she was putting granola bars in her bag before we left the house. Which would have been better than candy she ate before we even got home. She has such a sweet tooth, she gets it from Jeremy, I don't love sweets, I am more a dip kind of girl. It is fun since Ellie seems to get the concept a little more this year. But I am not kidding we are going to have to hide all her candy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct girls night and copy cat

"I need to go bye-bye car" This girl LOVES to go anywhere. She will run around and get me things just to help me get out of the house faster.
Just loving my little girl
Seriously could she be any sweeter? I am so lucky to have such good babies. Emery hardly ever cries (unless hungry) and is so easy going and sweet.
October Girls Night Cheesecake Factory and Gardner's Village
All the girls that came this month! I love these ladies
I have seen things like this on Etsy and thought they were so cute. Think of all the fun colors and characters you can do. So I made my own. Is it not so cute!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My FAVORITE time of year

Fall 2010
Hee Haw Farms Ellie rode every animal in the train
Aunt Kat
Ellie and Mommy helping Mom pick out the perfect pumpkins
The Bogard Girls
We have actually went several places this year for pumpkins, but this one you actually cut your own so that was fun and different
Jeremy and the girls
Mommy's little pumpkin!
Ellie with and the warty pumpkins
ohhhhh, just her size
Me with the girls
This year's pumpkin painting festivities. Krista with Ellie and Lincoln
xoxo Here is Whit doing the perfect argyle pattern
Some of this year's creations
We experimented with gold and also using glue and glitter
Kristy's polka dot one turned out soooo cute she spray painted a white pumpkin. ~I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall!~ I think it is my favorite season, and Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year has been so much fun so far decorating and being with friends. I just did my annual pumpkin painting and this year lots of my friends came to learn and decorate their pumpkins too. Always much more fun with a group. I hope my girls never want to carve pumpkins because this is so much cuter and way easier.