Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Bash for Sid & Kat

The Birthday Girls Sidney and Katelyn
The boys Jeremy, Steve and Kevin
Yes I made these!
Lesson learned: Don't leave the store if you HATE the colors of the cupcakes you ordered and they made them wrong because you will have to tell everyone you didn't order those colors and they are ugly
Ellie loved the water I think she emptied half of it but it kept her entertained
Candice and Adam
The Jordans
The kids
Nanny and Emery
Make a wish!
Katelyn 21, Sid 25
The big green monster! Happy Birthday Sidney and Katelyn! I hosted the Birthday Bash for my two sisters, they were born 4 years and 4 days apart. Sorry Sid I thought you were turning 24, oops. I printed a sign and put 24 on it. Steve and Kevin came into town (pics to come in another post) so I decided to host a dinner for them and celebrate the birthdays all in one. We had sticky finger salads and a table of fruits and dip. I am still mad about the cupcake colors, no I was not supporting Payson High, I should have had them redone right then. But instead I hated them all night and had to tell everyone what colors they were really supposed to be. It was a fun night I love getting together and I love planning parties, so perfect right!

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Stephanie said...

Wow! What an amazing party! You are such a wonderful hostess/party planner!