Sunday, August 22, 2010

Emery's Baby Blessing

Emery's Blessing
The girls
The boys
Andrew and Emery
Daddy, Mommy and Emery
Cute booties
Candice and Ryah with Emery
Aunt Kat with all her nieces such a cute picture!
Such a happy day
Emery with her cute Daddy
Eme, Mike, me and Jer
Uncle Mike THANKS!
Ryah with her little Emery I think she just wants to take her home
Elliette and Emery sweet sisters
Sweet baby girl with Mommy We had Emery's blessing at our house yesterday. I was kind of feeling stressed about it. Just life is busy and I just planned a big event for Ellie's Bday, so we kept it very simple and invited just a few (sorry if we didn't invite you) we really were keeping it small. I wanted to do Costco cinnamon rolls, they are amazing, but they have been discontinued until Oct. Weird I know, you can discontinue something you make there. Oh well, plan B, we'll do muffins and doughnuts, milk and juice. It was a very special day, and done before Noon. We were all dressed and up so then we decided to go up Payson Canyon for a picnic and exploring.
The great outdoors
We threw rocks in the water forever
So excited to be throwing rocks
in the creek
Throwing rocks with Daddy


Shelly said...

Cute pics! What's up with kids throwing rocks? My boys could throw rocks forever. Even Jarrod and his brother threw rocks into the ocean when we were in St Lucia. You think they'd rather be doing something else!

Shelly said...
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McAllister Fam said...

She looked so beautiful!! Ash, you are such an amazing woman. Can't wait for the next time we get together!