Friday, August 20, 2010

August Girls Night

August Girls Night @ Karen's house
the start of project #1 spray painting vases for cake plates
Whitney, Jen and Christy
Whitney the professional painter
All the girls! (Hot Mamas!) Me, Christy, Whit, Kristy, Krista Karen and Jen
I think Christy really was a professional. We used the "Ipad" of paint colors I went to 5 stores to find it.
Onto project #2 we made a monthly birthday calendar then went around and put everyone's birthdays in each month
Just talking, and talking and talking and eating THE BEST food ever I went home talking about it.
And girls for a little inspiration the is what my sis Katelyn did with her cake plate added a cute clear dome that once belonged to a cheese tray. Darling!
Don't you love this spray paint color! We just had the most fun girls night Thursday @ Karen's house. We made two fun crafts and talked until 11pm! I think we could have talked all night though. i Suggested let's do something easy for food this time, like order a pizza. Karen said, "Oh okay I'll do a turkey breast" I was like I thought we said easy but okay. We joked that Kristy didn't bring the stuffing for the Thanksgiving "easy" dinner. Karen made a "Moroni Turkey", I know what??? It is a turkey breast you do in the crockpot that comes in a bag then you just shred it. BEST TURKEY EVER! Krista and I were still talking about it at work the next day. Everything was so yummy! And of course we had tons of food! I think next girls night we are driving to Moroni and getting turkeys, everyone bring your cooler! :) I love my girls, we laughed and had so much fun and set up our annual October Gardner's Village/Cheesecake day. Can't wait to see you all then! p.s. for those not there it is Oct 9th 1pm. details to come.

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McAllister Fam said...

So much fun, I look forward to each and every girls night. Love you guys! IF anyone needs turkey let me know. I know how to get it people!!