Sunday, August 22, 2010

Emery's Baby Blessing

Emery's Blessing
The girls
The boys
Andrew and Emery
Daddy, Mommy and Emery
Cute booties
Candice and Ryah with Emery
Aunt Kat with all her nieces such a cute picture!
Such a happy day
Emery with her cute Daddy
Eme, Mike, me and Jer
Uncle Mike THANKS!
Ryah with her little Emery I think she just wants to take her home
Elliette and Emery sweet sisters
Sweet baby girl with Mommy We had Emery's blessing at our house yesterday. I was kind of feeling stressed about it. Just life is busy and I just planned a big event for Ellie's Bday, so we kept it very simple and invited just a few (sorry if we didn't invite you) we really were keeping it small. I wanted to do Costco cinnamon rolls, they are amazing, but they have been discontinued until Oct. Weird I know, you can discontinue something you make there. Oh well, plan B, we'll do muffins and doughnuts, milk and juice. It was a very special day, and done before Noon. We were all dressed and up so then we decided to go up Payson Canyon for a picnic and exploring.
The great outdoors
We threw rocks in the water forever
So excited to be throwing rocks
in the creek
Throwing rocks with Daddy

Friday, August 20, 2010

August Girls Night

August Girls Night @ Karen's house
the start of project #1 spray painting vases for cake plates
Whitney, Jen and Christy
Whitney the professional painter
All the girls! (Hot Mamas!) Me, Christy, Whit, Kristy, Krista Karen and Jen
I think Christy really was a professional. We used the "Ipad" of paint colors I went to 5 stores to find it.
Onto project #2 we made a monthly birthday calendar then went around and put everyone's birthdays in each month
Just talking, and talking and talking and eating THE BEST food ever I went home talking about it.
And girls for a little inspiration the is what my sis Katelyn did with her cake plate added a cute clear dome that once belonged to a cheese tray. Darling!
Don't you love this spray paint color! We just had the most fun girls night Thursday @ Karen's house. We made two fun crafts and talked until 11pm! I think we could have talked all night though. i Suggested let's do something easy for food this time, like order a pizza. Karen said, "Oh okay I'll do a turkey breast" I was like I thought we said easy but okay. We joked that Kristy didn't bring the stuffing for the Thanksgiving "easy" dinner. Karen made a "Moroni Turkey", I know what??? It is a turkey breast you do in the crockpot that comes in a bag then you just shred it. BEST TURKEY EVER! Krista and I were still talking about it at work the next day. Everything was so yummy! And of course we had tons of food! I think next girls night we are driving to Moroni and getting turkeys, everyone bring your cooler! :) I love my girls, we laughed and had so much fun and set up our annual October Gardner's Village/Cheesecake day. Can't wait to see you all then! p.s. for those not there it is Oct 9th 1pm. details to come.