Friday, July 16, 2010

Newborn photos

These newborn photos were taken before Emery was even 2 weeks old. Last time Elliette was peeling so bad, and her skin was flaking we this time we tried to do it earlier. Whitney once again did an amazing job, as always. She was so patient and captured these shots that we'll treasure forever.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday Bash. Elliette turn 2

The invitation
going to get balloons we filled the car
My Mom helped me with all the picks for the cupcakes and she even cut out the tickets on the new Cricut
The food
All carnival themed food
we had corndogs and pretzels
Lots of treats
Happy Birthday to our little girl
Where has two years gone
Everyone eating
Starting the fishing pond
The kids loved it
Ellie's turn
We gave the kids two tickets each to go through the fish pond twice
the cotton candy wouldn't fit on the clothes pin so I was throwing them over, it was too funny we had flying cotton candy everywhere
Present time
I'll sit on the big one
My new trike
and my new pillowcase dress so so so cute!
This is a little inside joke Aunt Sid and Emery
The group of family that was there
ready to blow out her candles
The cake turned out so cute! I actually won this cake on a blog contest from Cake Adoration
Another cute sign my Mom made
It was almost too cute to cut
My cute parents Lois and Jim-Jim
We eventually did cut into the cake
And this is what Elliette wanted, all the fondant balls I am seriously exhausted today. I had been planning a carnival themed birthday for Ellie this year. I thought how easy is corndogs and pretzels, with cute individual dipping sauces for them. Little did I know it would be harder than I thought. I didn't want to start them too early so they would get cold, but then they were not cooking fast enough. I wanted to start the popcorn earlier but Jeremy said don't start it too early, so needless to say I was rushing at the last minute. But thanks to Jess, my Mom and Krista who all jumped in to help. We actually lucked out on the weather and it was really nice, not too hot. The food turned out and everyone liked it. I decided to do one game, and we had a little fishing pond. The kids had fun casting the line and turning in their tickets to have a turn. We opened presents and had cake and cupcakes. Jeremy and I when we finally got into bed last night said okay next year we are ordering pizza, this is too much work. But I love it, I love planning and coming up with fun theme ideas. It gives me something to do. I love having something to look forward to. Love you Elliette! My baby is 2!