Wednesday, May 12, 2010

St. George trip

This was a lifesaver on the way down too bad I forgot to get the power cord
Jeremy found a lady bug
Elliette was nervous to touch it
She loved the hike....until a little over half done then she wanted to be carried... by MOM! Jeremy carried her most of the way I carried her some got my workout that day being pregnant hiking, and carrying her
Snow Canyon Park we went to explore and do a little hiking
Jeremy and Ellie
We did lots of this.... swimming
"catch me Daddy"
Seriously loved the water
Before dinner
Elliette was obsessed with the little fridge in our room it was just her size. Oh, look perfect to get a pepsi from
Ready to go!
See she loved the fridge
Eating cupcakes with Macki outside on their awesome deck Why didn't I get the view! duh!
Dana and Traci we miss you guys already!
On our last day we went to this fun park it is called Cottonwood...something Park We have been told by several people it is cool and it was
Playing on the rope bridge
Zonked out! We just had the most fun little get a way down in St. George. It was sunny and 85 degrees, absolutely beautiful! We got to see our friends the Garricks and finally see their stinkin cute house. We enjoyed shopping, eating, hiking and swimming. It felt so nice to sit by the pool. And yes there is an obvious lack of pictures of me, being 8+ months preggers! We celebrated Mother's Day and my Bday. I love it down there, Jeremy doesn't see the big draw, maybe it's a Utah thing I don't know. We stayed at the Wingate by Wyndham and it was brand new and modern, so nice! I love quick trips like this to make you feel like you got a way, even if you only traveled 3 hours. Traci I hope we can come down soon!


Christensen's said...

I am glad you guys had a good trip. That park looks so fun, I wish we had something like that up here.

Shelly said...

Where is that fun park? I want to go with the kids!