Friday, May 14, 2010

BIG girl potty

Apparently this is just another seat in the house
Don't ya love this! And can't sit without wearing Mom's shoes
YEAH!!!!! First pee-pee on the big girl potty!
We recently got a "big girl potty" for Elliette, hoping that by chance we may get her potty trained before the new baby comes. I think she thinks it is another chair to sit on, but tonight when I sat her on it she actually went pee! I know the joys of hearing about this, but I was jumping for joy! Not sure she really gets it, it was probably a fluke, but still she did it! Krista had read that 22 months is the "magic" age to start potty training, that after that they get comfortable in diapers and don't care. Ellie turned 22 months on the 7th so cross your fingers that the theory is right. Also any suggestions would be awesome, like I said I am not sure she even gets it yet so any tricks that have worked would be good to hear!


Christensen's said...

Looks like fun. HA HA So glad that I as done with that stage for awhile. Good Luck. Hopefully she will take to it quickly.

Ange said...

Yeah! That is so exciting! Its the best feeling in the world when your child is potty trained! I went to the library and read "how to potty train in less than a day". It really works! You need to read it! Good luck!! :)

JoElle said...

Here's my two cents: forget the pull-ups!...they're just way too expensive. The girls could pull a diaper up and down just fine. Once she can keep her diaper dry all day move into panties and only use a diaper at night until she stays dry through the night. Unless you are extremely lucky, expect accidents. Good luck! I hope she cooperates better than my girls did. Ugghh, potty training!