Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quick Colorado Trip

Manitou Springs Colorado Downtown
Exploring the town
Tickets! At the arcade
Playing pinball This arcade had all the real old games
Our favorite game of all
@ Gardens of the Gods
The boys being silly holding up the balancing rock
Me and Donna
Bob and Donna
guess you just had to be there
This sign cracks me up we ate at this restaurant. Better hope you are not 13 minutes!
These are actually garage doors
The B&D
yet another funny sign "no scrambling"
At the top of Seven Falls
Taking the elevator to the top
Along the ride up to the falls
Such a pretty area
@ Bulls and Bush
YUMMY! This past week was crazy, Grandma Linda was in town for a week, which was filled with lots of shopping and activities. She flew out on Saturday, then Sunday really early Jeremy and I flew into Colorado Springs to meet our friends Bob and Donna who were vacationing in Colorado. We had so much fun. We actually staying just outside of Colorado Springs in Manitou Springs, a cute little town with a darling downtown area. Bob and Donna had found this old arcade with all the cool old games and that was a blast. We flew back out of Denver and had fun finding fun places to stop and eat at, like this pub Bull and Bush. It was a real quick trip but we ate lots of good fun and I laughed until my cheeks hurt. We need more trips like this!

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