Friday, January 22, 2010

The results are in...

We just got back from the ultrasound and yup another little girl. I think we are still in shock, we thought a boy was in our future. Guess we won't be breaking the Jordan girl curse. The ultrasound was really good, everything looks healthy. We need girl name suggestions!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


On the way to Shreveport asleep in Dallas
The people in this grocery store probably thought I was nuts, but I was taking pics of everything
but look, how can you not take a picture of Moon Shine Syrup Have you ever seen syrup in a can? Weird
Grandma Bogard
Grandpa Bogard
Shaelyn fell asleep, but Ellie really thought she needed to get up and play
On our way to Jefferson Texas
Okay seriously 16 oz pepsi and pork rinds They had more pork rinds in Louisiana than I have EVER seen!
The best part, lots of drinks in glass bottles and they are cheaper than the plastic. Weird huh?
This is the type of stuff they have in Louisiana This stuff was called butt rub I was seriously laughing so hard at all the crazy stuff they had
And Texas loves Dr. Pepper Have you ever seen Dr. Pepper beef jerky?
Look @ the weird marinades they also had bbq sauces out of these too
The absolute cutest little general store you have ever seen with a real soda jerk inside
Jefferson Texas General Store
The gang
Jefferson is full of cute stores and antique shops Joelle and Ben
The boys playing games in another old fashioned candy store
Jeremy and Steve
The girls stayed @ Grandma's while we went site seeing
This place reminded me of New Orleans
This is another town we went to it is where they filmed Steel Magnoliashis
When we came home, this is what we found...
both playing "drums" and wearing coats and stocking hats. Silly girls
asleep again in Dallas
riding the tram! We just got home from a quick weekend getaway. We had so much fun in Shreveport seeing Jeremy's family. Steve and Kevin took us on a couple day trips to the absolute cutest towns I have ever been to. The streets were the old brick roads and tons of antique shops, diners, general stores and old fashioned candy shops. We loved seeing everyone, Shaelyn and Elliette loved playing together and staying with G'ma and G'pa. We ate way too much yummy food, and no I did not have any pork rinds I wouldn't even try them. But if I wanted to they had about a millions flavors to choose from at every gas station. We also got to go out gambeling one night, so we packed lots in to our quick trip. We can't wait to go back.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

18 Months

I can hardly believe our little girl is a year and a half! She is jabbering all the time, and saying more and more words every day. She is very opinionated, thank goodness she is so cute to get away with it. She makes us laugh every day, and we are amazed at all that she picks up from us. She loves to wear silly things and "get dressed up", she always has something on her head or Mom's sunglasses on. She climbs into everything and likes to be in the sink when I do her hair. I think she will be a big help when the baby comes.