Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tricks & Treats

Primrose Retreat Halloween Party
Nanny with her granddaughters
Ellie and Ryah
filling up her bag @ home, so smart! haha
Our little ghost
with Daddy
and Mommy
I think this was her 2nd sucker before we even left the house
starting trick-or-treating
Thanks to G'ma Lani for the balloon she took it everywhere
Ellie, Crew and Addy
"cheese" Addy even grabbed a prop for her picture she cracks me up
so nice, filling up her bag Happy Halloween! I love Halloween, and now with a daughter it is even more fun! Maybe because I love fall so much and Halloween just makes it perfect. Thanks to Jess, Elliette looked super cute this year. She didn't really know what was going on, but by the end of the night she sure was giving her bag to be filled up. We stopped by G'ma Lani's to see Jess, baby Crew, Addy and Joe. Elliette stole Addy's balloon (sorry Addy!) but she loved it, we took it everywhere we went, mainly because she wouldn't part with it. Jeremy was home this year so this year was so much fun, especially topped off with a little Joe Bandidos with the parents :)


Christensen's said...

Elliette looks so cute. Halloween is so much fun when you have kids. Hopefully next year we can have a Halloween Party.

Bills Family said...

Thanks for stopping by last night!! It was so fun to see you guys for a minute! And don't worry about the balloon. Addy didn't mention it once after Ellie took it. Me and Joe could not (and still can't) stop laughing about the "pumpkin prop" LOL!!! Where does she come from?
Ellie Belly is a doll and looked so stinkin' cute! Love her!! =]

McAllister Fam said...

Ash you are such a cute mommy! Ellie looks adorable!!

Shane and Stephanie said...

What a cute little ghost!

Melissa said...

Ellie looked so cute! I'm sad we didn't get to trick-or-treat together! Hopefully next year Kelly won't be so grumpy!

Robertson family said...

Oh, I love those girls! They both look so cute! It was fun to see you on Halloween!