Friday, May 22, 2009

Florida & Louisiana

The Fam over for family dinner
Clearwater Beach Joelle and Shaelyn
Elliette loved the water! She squeeled when the waves came, she was not scared at all
someone needs a tan...
excited to be at the beach
Jeremy with Croix and Ellie
Donna, Croix and Cooper
At Chuck's house for the Bday Bash
Steve, Ellie and Jer
the big fight at the Ray's game
3 people very excited over the fight
Indoor air conditioned stadium rocks!
Yet another flight 5 flights total with going to Louisiana....with a 10 month old!
4 generations
Grandma Bogard and Elliette We just got back from another whirlwind trip! We flew to Florida for 6 days then up to Shreveport to visit Jeremy's Dad and Grandparents, and yes all with an active 10 month old. She did awesome on all the flights and sitting in Shreveport airport for 6 hours! We got to go to the beach and a Ray's game, which was awesome and the won, yeah! We got to spend time with all Jeremy's fam and friends. B&D and the boys came over and that was fun to see them. (thanks for making the trek over!) Florida was hot and humid, big surprise, but Louisiana was perfect weather with no humidity, thank goodness. Ellie got a heat rash in Florida because it was so hot. She also cut her two top teeth there, wish I would have noticed when we were actually in Florida, the Orajel I packed would have came in handy. A perfect, fast trip. And I am absolutely exhausted! Traveling is NOT the same with a baby!


Robertson family said...

How fun! She looks like she had a blast!

Christensen's said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun on your trip. Elliette is such a doll.