Sunday, January 11, 2009

6 Months old!

Don't you just want to squeeze that cute little bum!
Our "little" girl is 6 months old! our little girl who is not so little, she is 28 inches long and growing out of everything. I will have to remind her when she is growing up that models are tall! You know how you felt awkward being taller than the boys. She is just the center of our lives and I still just want time to stand still so I can cherish every little moment.


haley said...

She is a doll, Always so stylish!
Time goes by way too fast. It's so sad, but I have a hard time even remembering my girls when they were 6 months old. It's good to look back at pictures, but theres nothing like living in the moment!

Bills Family said... cute!! She is growing up so fast! Before you know it, it will be her 1st birthday!
LOVE that little bum!

Teresa said...

What darling pictures. Ashley, she is seriously the cutest baby! Your mom told me that she is going to enter her in a baby photo contest. I KNOW she will win! :0)

P.S. I think it is so awesome that you and Jeremy are juggling everything and making it work with little Elliette. You are the best parents and I admire you both so much!

ramsam said...

She is so adorable, and just getting so big. I am so glad you are loving her to pieces and enjoying her so much! If you think the clothes bill is tough now, wait til she's in school! Just when you find a cute outfit, within a few weeks it doesn't fit!!!