Saturday, December 5, 2009

Annual Friends Christmas Party

The favors
getting ready to go
The girls
I have the BEST group of friends EVER!
doing what we do best...eating and talking
Jess, Holly, Karen, Christy
Lindsey, Kristy, Jen, Krista, Jess
now the fun part...presents
Jen is a little too excited for the moose!
Whit (the host) I can't believe another year has come and gone. We had our Annual Friends Chrsitmas Party and had such a good time. We always laugh way too hard, eat lots of food, try to catch up... if that is possible we have so much to say. Then we play the same game, the one where you can steal the gift. Which this year was more mellow than years past. You may think you have the best friends in the world, but sorry to say I do! I love you all! Thanks for all coming and those who traveled down to be there, it wouldn't be the same without you all there. See you next year!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tricks & Treats

Primrose Retreat Halloween Party
Nanny with her granddaughters
Ellie and Ryah
filling up her bag @ home, so smart! haha
Our little ghost
with Daddy
and Mommy
I think this was her 2nd sucker before we even left the house
starting trick-or-treating
Thanks to G'ma Lani for the balloon she took it everywhere
Ellie, Crew and Addy
"cheese" Addy even grabbed a prop for her picture she cracks me up
so nice, filling up her bag Happy Halloween! I love Halloween, and now with a daughter it is even more fun! Maybe because I love fall so much and Halloween just makes it perfect. Thanks to Jess, Elliette looked super cute this year. She didn't really know what was going on, but by the end of the night she sure was giving her bag to be filled up. We stopped by G'ma Lani's to see Jess, baby Crew, Addy and Joe. Elliette stole Addy's balloon (sorry Addy!) but she loved it, we took it everywhere we went, mainly because she wouldn't part with it. Jeremy was home this year so this year was so much fun, especially topped off with a little Joe Bandidos with the parents :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Florida Highlights

Traditional dinner @ Boondocks
A little throwback this was same place last year, we're going to get a pic here every time we go
At Garlic with the best friends in the whole world!
Hot looking bunch!
Don't you think these guys need a little girl....
so precious
Sea World playing with sting rays
the group
Sea World was decorated so cute
The pumpkin patch
We didn't tell Croix she can't date until she is 35!
Daytona Beach
Elliette and Daddy, after she fell in the ocean
before falling in the ocean
triple trouble Croix, Ellie and Cooper they are growing so fast look how much they have all changed
Downtown Disney
awww, she loved the doggies
Madison, Aunt Tonya, Ellie and Xavier Once again we made the trek down to Florida. First to Daytona then to Tampa to Jeremy's family. We packed in a lot of stuff this time. We did Sea World, the beach, saw lots of friends, went boating with Jeremy's brothers and sis and went to Busch Gardens! Whew! It is always a whirlwind. We told everyone if you want to see us you better come out, we're not flying anymore. Ellie was good, just BUSY!!!! She also was allergic to her Target diapers down there and cut 2 back teeth, so that was fun! My camera broke on top of it all so I have no pics of Tampa or Busch Gardens. We had awesome weather the first of the week, notice long sleeves, then 92 degrees and a million percent humidity the rest, YUCK! I don't miss that part of living there. But I miss all of you! Hope to see you all skiing :) haha!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October Girls Night

Gardner's Village
Whit, Karen, Jen, Me
cute ideas Once again we had such a fun time @ girls night. We ate at Cheesecake Factory, went to Gardner's Village then to Tiapan. We seriously laughed so hard and talked forever catching up. And came up with a million ideas we want to get together and make. Guess next girls night is going to be a crafty/project night. I love my friends they are the best! Thanks girls that was so much fun. See you ALL in Dec.